Still Swingin by Papa Roach (Review)

Review of Still Swingin by Papa Roach

It’s almost inconceivable to believe that it is approaching almost 20 years since the formation of Papa Roach in 1993, considering howprominent they remain today in the rock ranks. The sheer fact that they have existed for such a large amount of time, whilstmaintaining their immense, seemingly-never-waning popularity surely is a true testament to their innate ability to consistently write and perform complex,catchy songs. Their latest single does little to prove this sentiment false.

Review of Still Swingin by Papa Roach

‘Still Swingin’ is a song that you could imagine would be best appreciated being heard on the dawn of doomsday, what with its excitably fast tempo, bombastic guitar riff and vocals by Jacoby Shaddix sung with so much raw power, it’s as if it’s the lastsong he’ll ever sing. Luckily for us, it certainly won’t be as ‘Swingin’ is but the first single off their upcoming album ‘The Connection’ due to be released on 2 October and if the rest of the album continues the quality oftheir first single by even a fraction, then fans of Papa Roach certainly are in for a treat.

While there is certainly a sound in this song reminiscent of the bands early work, there are definite signs of real maturity within the band,not just from a musical standpoint which includes noticeable additions to the instrumentation of the band, including the usage of electronic manipulation of the vocals and sounds that almost border on dubstep at a point, but primarily there is a much noticed degree of complexity to the lyrics. Words like “We’re just living for today/Keep our light on in the haze/Yeah, forever we will stay/We are the ones still swingin’” sung during the tracks powerful, anthemic chorus indicate to the listener that the band know they’re lucky to be where they are now, they know they’re survivors and they know they are one of the last bands in the front lines of rock music and why shouldn’t they be?

With this latest single, Papa Roach prove to the world thatthey are still an incredible talent and an unmovable force not to be reckoned with lightly. This single contains elements that will not only make the die-hard Roach fans happy, but also stimulate the eardrums of lovers of heavy rock music in general.

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Review by Ryan Duffin