Music Eyz Exclusive Interview With Lee Lee

Exclusive Interview With Lee Lee

You know we love to try to bring you new music.  Well it seems ages ago since we reviewed the single ‘Ugly’ by US pop prospect LeeLee.  Well we have kept in touch since and she agreed to take some time out from her stupidly busy schedule to have a chat with us.

Interview with US singer LeeLee

Music Eyz exclusive interview with LeeLee

LeeLee was a really funny girl and we had a good laugh during our chat.  We talk about image, bullying and whether the bad girl lives up to her bad girl look.

Music Eyz: Hi LeeLee firstly thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we know you are really busy.

LeeLee: Hey no problem, its a pleasure.

Music Eyz: So lets jump straight in to it.  For our readers that may not have caught our review of ‘Ugly’ (shame on you if you didn’t read it) can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Who you are? Your Music etc

LeeLee: Well, I am a singer/songwriter from Las Vegas.  I make pop music with a rock edge.  I will be touring the UK shortly promoting the new single ‘Ugly’.  I am signed to Daywalker Records.

Music Eyz: Thanks that’s great.  Now a bit of a weird one, can you give us an interesting fact that we may not know about you?

LeeLee: Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that (laughs).  Interesting fact, let me see.  OK, well I am studying French.  I really want to be able to speak to my family back in Haiti and so I am trying to pick things up.

Music Eyz: So how far have you got? Are you anywhere near fluent yet?

LeeLee: (laughs) Oh my god no.  I can probably say he is, she is and we are and string some sentences together.  I have only just started.

Music Eyz: That is better than me.  I can probably only say “Bonjour” and “Je jouer au tennis dans le park” and I wouldn’t even know if that was right.

So is LeeLee your real name or is it a nickname?

LeeLee: Are you going to tell anybody?

Music Eyz: Not if you don’t want me to.

LeeLee: Nah just kidding (laughs). It really is just a nickname based on my real name, all my family call me Lee and my friends just extended it.

Music Eyz: You got me there.  So I read that you attended the Las Vegas Academy, what was that like?

LeeLee: You know what, people joke about this and kind of say was it like Glee?  And you know what, its exactly like an episode of Glee.  We would all be standing around and then a whole group of us would just burst out in to song.  We were like the Glee cast, but before Glee was out I must add.  The whole experience was amazing.

I went there to join the choir and took broadcast journalism.  So I learned some real cool stuff, including some video editing and production.

Music Eyz: Cool, you can do some for us then.  You must have got some great help there, what is the biggest learning point you took from the academy.

LeeLee: Well obviously the vocal training I got was brilliant.  Also the people you get to meet.  I also set up the first Black History Month there.  Gladys Knight came to help and present, she gave me some great tips, which I definitely use today.

Music Eyz: Wow Gladys Knight, that is big

LeeLee: Yeah she was amazing as well, really lovely and helpful.  Really gave me loads of good advice.

Music Eyz: So were there any other artists to come out of there in your year or around then that the UK readers might know?

LeeLee: Loads of artists and musicians have come out of there and done well.  The one your UK readers might be most familiar with though is probably Nee-Yo.

Music Eyz: Yeah they will definitely know him.  Good company to keep.

So tell us about the single ‘Ugly’, what inspired you, what does it mean?

LeeLee: Yes I am single, and young.

Music Eyz: No, what is your inspiration for the single

LeeLee: (laughs) typical american, didn’t pick up what you said. But yeah I am single, you can put that if you like.

Music Eyz: We will!

LeeLee:  I wanted ‘Ugly’ to present a good message to people.  I am really in to my fashion and love the way I look.  Sometimes though I forget to calm down.  This is all about being yourself.  Its great when you can hang out with a guy in your t-shirt and baggy shorts and it doesn’t affect him.  He loves you not matter what.  Its about how good it is to not always be superficial. You should be comfortable in the skin you are in and not all about the labels.

Music Eyz: So you may remember from the review with did of ‘Ugly’ we referenced Daphne and Celeste are you aware of them?

LeeLee: Oh yeah, you said that when you were about to play it you hoped it had nothing to do with them or that song.  Yeah their song was kind of all about put downs.  The kind of things little kids would sing to be horrible to you.  Not nice.  My song has nothing to do with that.

Music Eyz: Yeah we know and we are so glad.

LeeLee: To be honest it was bad, but it kind of helped with things like the American Anti-Bullying League that we have set up now.

Music Eyz: Yeah bullying is really bad and can really effect people and their confidence.  Have you ever been a victim of bullying or seen it go on?

LeeLee: To be honest I haven’t. I guess I have been really lucky.  My sister is in Middle School now and she tells me what kind of things go on.  I can’t believe people can be so rude and horrible, especially kids and right in their faces.  Its horrible.

Music Eyz: Yeah its really bad, I can’t understand why people do it.

Without meaning to trivialise the whole bullying thing. Lets try and move on to slightly more positive.

Who do you look up to? Who are your influences?

LeeLee: Rihanna is one of course.  She is a massive influence, I love her music and her image and what she does with guitars.  I love guitars.  I love Kanye as well, the way he puts together his lyrics and the passion in his music.  I also love my rock, so at the moment I am listening to Pretty Reckless, Hailstorm and others.  I try to take all what I am listening too and mould it in to my style.  I don’t want to stay still I want it to evolve.

Music Eyz: So you have been quoted as “having a bad girl look”, do you think thats fair?  Is it something you have aimed for?

LeeLee: Yeah it probably is fair, I do have a bad girl look.  I didn’t set out and think, right I am going to be a badass.  I just happened to be out and picked things up I liked. Got the odd tatoo here and there and it all came together.  Its all what I like. I really like my look.  But I am just as confident wearing a blazer and pleated pants.  I just prefer cut off shorts, doc martens and fishnets.

Music Eyz: Nice one, so leading on.  What is the baddest thing you have ever done?

LeeLee: (laughs) Oh my god is this R Rated?  My family might read this (laughs)

Music Eyz: No of course not.  You don’t have to tell us that

LeeLee: (laughs) OK (laughs). To be honest I have the look, but I am scared of a lot and pretty much follow the rules.  Oh wait there was one thing (laughs).  I broke up with an ex and was really angry.  So I rocked up to his house in my spikey leather boots thinking I was gonna make this happen.  He basically had my dog in his house. I was so angry that I tried to pick his lock while he was out to get my dog.  Lets just say I was really rubbish at it and nobody has to worry about me breaking in to their house/

Music Eyz: Brilliant, so we needn’t worry about an alarm when you’re around?

LeeLee: (laughs) no really, I was terrible. The funniest thing was, he gave the dog to me the next day anyway.

Music Eyz: Right, just thinking of time.  Quickly tell us what is next for LeeLee?

LeeLee: Right. Well I am going to continue my tour for ‘Ugly’ hitting the UK soon.  I will be releasing my album soon as well.  Seems strange though as I have already released my third single.  But there is loads of stuff on there that nobody has heard and some they may not expect.

There is an Electro track, a ballad and of course some rock laced pop.

Music Eyz: Sounds good.  Look forward to hearing it.  So if you could collaborate with anybody at all, who would it be and why?

LeeLee: I know this is going to sound repetitive of me, but Kanye West. I love how he produces his music and his lyrics are amazing.  We would make great music.

Music Eyz: Brilliant and finally as we are out of time.  What message would you like to leave our readers.  Most of whom are UK based.

LeeLee:  Well I think its really important to not be afraid to be yourself.  Don’t be afraid for your outside to reflect your inside.  Be who you are.  Its easier to make and keep friends that way.


Music Eyz: Brilliant. Its been great speaking to you.

LeeLee: Yeah thanks to you to, its been a lot of fun.

Music Eyz: When you are in the UK we will need to make sure we see you.

LeeLee: Yes definitely. Thanks and love to all your readers.


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