Creep by KR Vs Radiohead (Review)

Review of Creep by KR Vs Radiohead

We tend to try and stay away from providing reviews, comments or views on new artists where they don’t quite hit the mark.  Whilst we don’t consider ourselves to be the maker or breaker of careers, we do feel that we shouldn’t contribute to a potential negative around an artist trying to break it.

Review of Creep by KR Vs Radiohead

Review of Creep by KR Vs Radiohead

So I don’t know about you, but I haven’t hear of KR before.  However the Birmingham based singer categorises himself as an experimental music artist.  So the mere fact we are reviewing this means the track should be good, right? Well not quite.  First off, I am reviewing this as somebody who isn’t a huge rock fan.  However some tracks stand out.  Radiohead‘s ‘Creep’ is one of those.  The low singing and massively infectious guitar splurge make it an iconic track.

So its quite big shoes to fill.

When this was sent to us, I thought it was going to hear some clever but quite frankly torrid dance remix.  Thankfully this isn’t that.  However its not all good.

The track opening is promising, with simple and quite pure piano rendition of the original.  KR comes in with his vocals and does a pretty OK job.  He isn’t a singer with a huge voice, but has a good delivery.  Then as the track winds its way to the chorus where the great guitar kicks in on the original, it goes horribly wrong.  The thrashing of guitars is replaced by, well, I am not really sure, some sampled high pitched voice saying creep over and over.

The second run of the chorus is much the same.  To be honest to the stage you want to switch it off.  This is a real shame.  KR has delivered a pretty good cover and modernised a classic song.  It isn’t as good as the original, but those bizarre interludes just ruin a pretty good effort.

Whilst this review is quite brief and hardly positive, there are positives to be taken.  KR obviously has a talent in terms of his ability to deliver a good lyric on a simplistic but enjoyable track.  If KR produced this, he has to learn the lessons from the chorus and not take the experimentation too far.  This may be harsh, but if you play with an iconic track, it will always be compared to the original.

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