Introducing George Barnett

Introducing George Barnett

Ever wanted to listen to a top band before they became “big”? Before they were even signed? Well, here’s your chance.

Six years ago I predicted that You Me At Six would make it big one day and now they are headlining festivals. They were signed back then – this guy isn’t.

So, who am I referring to? George Barnett.

George is eighteen but not your average teenager. He has all the traits of someone who is going to battle with and make it big in music. He started writing songs at the tender age of three and is a multi-talented musician. He can not only sing but also plays drums, bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, harmonica, and keyboards. In his early recordings he played all the music on his tracks. More importantly than all this George knows what he wants and how to get there. At sixteen he launched his debut collection of eight tracks called ‘Sierra Planes’. Earlier this year he launched his album ’17 Days’ a volume full of great commercial indie songs and not a bad one amongst them. Some of the lyrics remain a little raw but given that there is no production company currently involved they are brilliant. My favourite line from the song ‘Lone Rose’ is “She destroys me with her eyes closed”. I can relate to that!

George is pretty creative too. ’17 Days’ was launched earlier this year on a Torrent website with an intro from George inviting people to download it for free as he owns all the rights. This created a storm of interest and his Facebook page already has 6,000 likes.

So what’s the music like? Check out these sample Youtube videos and you will get a feel. Then go onto Amazon and buy the tracks – you will want to! George is highly creative and is using video of a ‘commercial grade’ to launch his new tracks.

If you only want to view one track – listen to ‘Lone Rose’ and you will know immediately why I am excited about this new band.

‘Bewitched’ is another example of the creativity of the band. Filmed in Leominster at 5am it feels like 24 hours later without the zombies.

You can listen to the full 17 Days album at

George now has a band and they have been touring the UK with a couple of gigs still available if you want to see them live.

By Doug Duffin


7 thoughts on “Introducing George Barnett

  1. Nice one Jean-Louis. I have dropped George an email to check if he is happy to share his email address with you. If so we will get this to you. All the best. Doug @ Musiceyz

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