Stone Sour Release Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero (Review)

Stone Sour release two new songs as one single! ‘Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero’

Just a couple of days ago Stone Sour released two brand new songs; ‘Gone Sovereign’ and ‘Absolute Zero’ together as a joint first single for their upcoming 4th studio record, both songs can be found on the Roadrunner Records youtube channel. Corey Taylor (better known as the lead singer of Slipknot for the uninitiated) stated way back last year that the new studio venture would either be a concept album or a double album; it will in fact be both! Entitled ‘House of Gold & Bones’, part 1 is set to be released this October while part 2 will see light of day early next year. The album will be accompanied with a comic book that follows the story laid out by the album… whatever that story may be (incidentally Within Temptation did the exact same thing with their own concept album ‘The Unforgiving’ last year – really good symphonic rock record, check it out!).

Stone Sour Review

Stone Sour Review

When it was revealed the first single would consist of two songs as one track my immediate thought was that ‘Gone Sovereign’ would be nothing more than a short intro to the whole record much like ‘Audio Secrecy’ was for their previous outing. Turns out I was kinda wrong and it really is a joint single with two full tracks smacked together.

‘Gone Sovereign’ starts with an ominous, chugging guitar riff that is quickly accompanied with some desperate and melodic vocals from Corey. Silence falls before the song drops into one of SS’s faster and more aggressive numbers, somewhat reminiscent of their 2nd album hit ‘30/30-150’. The vocals don’t really drive the song at all and are mostly forgettable, what brings it back is the heavy beat and some solid drumming by Roy Mayorga followed by a stellar shredding guitar solo that has Jim Root’s name written all over it. The lack of conventional song structure coupled with the starting build up still lead me to believe this is a glorified intro track of sorts, worth a listen but not as good as what’s about to follow.

‘Absolute Zero’ is comparatively a more interesting listen and ultimately the stronger of the duo. The level of intensity set by ‘Gone Sovereign’ is maintained but this time round Corey claws his way back to centre stage with some terrific vocal deliveries, switching up between aggressive singing and the occasional growl in the verses before moving into a melodic and very catchy chorus. Strange chanting samples give something of an eastern vibe to the instrumental sections and another Jim Root special on the guitar is thrown in for good measure. I also couldn’t help but notice Corey has brought back the deeper growling style he executed back on SS’s eponymous debut record and during his earlier years with Slipknot.

Anyways check out the song(s) on youtube and let’s see what the rest of this double album brings!

Review by Al Westlake


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