Interview with Dan Le Sac

Music Eyz Interview with Dan le Sac

As you probably guess we do a little bit of digging around before we tend to do interviews. See what we can find.  But there wasn’t a lot to go on with dan le sac.  So we really didn’t know what to expect.  What came across in our chat was that he really is a man of music.  Yes he DJs but he has a real feel for music and how it makes people feel.

Interview with dan le Sac

Music Eyz interview with dan le sac

Dan is also a genuinely funny, humble and respectful guy.  Not sure the humour comes out when we write the interview but genuinely he was a good laugh.  Have a read of the interview and let us know what you think.  From speaking to him, I think the live shows will be great, so get along to one of them.  The list of all the gigs can be found at the end of this interview.

Music Eyz: Firstly thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to us Dan, we know you are really busy preparing for your tour

Dan le Sac: No problem pleasure

Music Eyz: So for those readers of Music Eyz that may not know who you are, can you tell them a little bit more about yourself and your music.  Particularly given the way genres are emerging?

Dan le Sac: Yeah. Its really difficult though. Genres seem to have broken down a lot.  Indie track are taking a dance feel, dance is getting a hip hop flavour and they are all moving and merging all the time.  I am kind of a product of that.  If I was pushed, I would say I have a leaning to dance with colours from Indie, Hip Hop and dubstep.

Music Eyz: Anything, really then.

Dan le Sac: Yeah pretty much anything. Although you probably wouldn’t hear me on a track for Rihanna.

Music Eyz: But you would though.

Dan le Sac: Yeah, OK, I probably would

Music Eyz: Before we move on. Obviously we did a bit of research before hand and we noticed on your Twitter that you have never seen ET? How? Why?

Dan le Sac: To be honest I have seen bits, just not all the way through.  I may have even seen all of it without realising it over the past 20 years.  Its just got to one of those things where everybody says you should watch it, just means I don’t want to.  Surprised George Lucas hasn’t remade it now anyway and made it all fluffy and full of flowers.

Music Eyz: Get what you mean, I deliberately haven’t seen ‘Lord of the Rings’

Dan Le Sac: I have seen them, just not the third one

Music Eyz: Obviously you are preparing for your tour at the moment, what can we expect if we come to a show? Where does it all start?

Dan Le Sac:  Well we kick off on 1st October and take in 25 venues including London and Manchester.  We are going to try and recreate as much of the album as possible in a live environment.  I am gonna try and bring in some of the older stuff as well, after all not everybody has heard the album so they should witness me as a whole.  I want to create a big party.

Music Eyz: There are loads of guests/collaborations on the album are they going to be with you?

Dan Le Sac: Yeah we will be bringing them out.  It won’t be the same for every show as some are recording their own stuff at the moment. One is on honeymoon.

Music Eyz: Surely your tour is more important than their honeymoon.

Dan Le Sac: Well yeah you would think so.  So I am trying to pull people’s arms.

Music Eyz: Sorry back to the shows.

Dan Le Sac:  Yeah you will be getting as full an experience as I can, no just sat there watching me twiddle knobs.

Music Eyz: So how did the collaborations come about?  Were they all your choice or were you told to take certain people?

Dan Le Sac: Nah mainly through just speaking with people.  People I had come across or worked with in the past.  Loads through friends and mates.  A few of them I know from my work in the past with Pip.

Music Eyz: The album doesn’t seem to have received much radio play, yet the critics seem to love it.  Do you have any clue why that might be?

Dan Le Sac: To be honest, we just haven’t had a big budget for this.  I couldn’t afford to put on a big radio plugger that would go and sit in Radio 1‘s office and demand they play it.  But its getting heard and some of my contacts are helping out.  Apparently its been played more on XFM recently than all of the other stations put together.

Music Eyz: Do you think its because the stations have become one dimensional, going back to your Rihanna point, they just play all of that?

Dan Le Sac: To a degree.  They are playing it safe and playing what they know.  I’m not really that bothered though as long as people hear it, like it and come and see me play.

Music Eyz: So back to the live show.  What gives you that buzz to keep going, after all you have an intensive timetable of 25 shows in October.

Dan Le Sac: Yeah its crazy, but I would rather play to 25 clubs of 15 people than 5 of 30.  The buzz I get is when I see people dance.  But its different for every show.  I like to feel a connection with the crowd.  I want them to listen to the quiet bits, go mad to the hype bits and laugh at my jokes.

Music Eyz:  We know what you mean, but there must be occasions when it doesn’t all come together?

Dan Le Sac:  Yes very recently, we were at one gig (name of gig removed to protect the innocent- ED) where there was no connection, we wer on late and the crowd were just smashed.  They were dancing around but nothing.  The next day we played somewhere else and most the time they were laughing at my jokes throughout.

Music Eyz: So a career in stand up comedy is on the horizon then.

Dan Le Sac: Yeah maybe. No seriously, as a musician I can get away with recycling other people’s jokes.  Don’t think I could do that if I wasn’t.

Music Eyz: Yeah you might get found out.

So there has been a lot of talk recently about high-profile DJs not actually performing in live shows.  What is your view on that?

Dan Le Sac:  Yeah that’s true and there are loads of examples. Deadmau5 is probably one of the biggest, his audience pays a fortune, he gets paid a fortune and he sits there and flicks switches.  Obviously not entertainment so he puts money in to staging lighting and videos, his shows are as much about what you see as what you hear.

Music Eyz: Is it a little lazy though?

Dan Les Sac: I suppose it is, but does his audience really give a shit?  Some dance crowds just come to listen to great music and have a bloody good dance.  If the crowd enjoys it, who cares.

Music Eyz: But, you won’t be doing any of that.

Dan Le Sac: No, there will be none of me just sitting there pressing play.  More likely to see me stressing and hoping it all goes well.

Music Eyz: Dan, its been really great talking to you. We have had a great laugh.  Is there one final thing you want to say to the readers of Music Eyz?

Dan le Sac: Yeah I just want to beg them to give me a chance.  This is the only time I will be touring on my own.  I am going back to working with Pip after this, so its your only chance to see me.  So please just come and watch.

Music Eyz: I am sure they will and if not, you can always just sit there and press play

Dan Le Sac: Yeah or tear my hair out.

Music Eyz: Thanks once again for your time.

Dan Le Sac UK Tour Dates

Mon   1-Oct-12               Brighton               Coalition
Wed  3-Oct-12               Chelmsford        Hooga
Thurs4-Oct-12               Norwich               The waterfront
Sat    6-Oct-12               Oxford                  O2 Academy
Sun   7-Oct-12               Southampton   Joiners
Mon   8-Oct-12               Swansea              Sin / Swansea SU
Tues  9-Oct-12               Exeter                   Cavern Club
Thurs 11-Oct-12            Portsmouth    Wedgewood Rooms
Fri      12-Oct-12            Gloucester         Guildhall
Sat     13-Oct-12            Cardiff                 Clwb Ifor Ibach
Mon   15-Oct-12            Leicester             O2 Academy
Tues  16-Oct-12            Preston               53 degrees
Wed  17-Oct-12            London                XFM @ Barfly  Camden
Thurs18-Oct-12            Manchester       club academy
Fri     19-Oct-12            Sheffield              The Leadmill
Sat    20-Oct-12            Hull                        Welly
Sun   21-Oct-12           Lincoln                  Engine shed
Mon   22-Oct-12            Cambridge          The Portland Arms
Wed   24-Oct-12            Leeds                    Brudenell Social Club
Thur   25-Oct-12            Newcastle           Northumbria university
Fri      26-Oct-12            Liverpool             Kazimer
Sun    28-Oct-12            York                   The Duchess
Mon   29-Oct-12            Reading                Sub 89
Wed  31-Oct-12            Guildford             The Boiler Room


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