Help Me by Tinchy Stryder (Review)

Review of Help Me by Tinchy Stryder

This is an early one, we just got a shout that Tinchy Stryder had released the video to his new track on YouTube, so here we are with a review.

The track ‘Help Me’ is dominated by a female singer with a strong vocal, slightly synthed at times but good nonetheless.  Her vocal provides a really good backdrop to the tune.  The music involved in the track is unmistakably Tinchy, it manages to cross the border between Hip Hop and Dance, kind of what Will.I.Am has been striving to do but never really managing it in a credible way.

Help Me By Tinchy Stryder Review

Review of Help Me by Tinchy Stryder

The video accompanying the track is quite dark in its content with the opening on graves, memorials and deprived areas on what looks like areas of the hood in the US.  Yet it interlinks with various other scapes.  Interestingly right at the beginning of the track there is a mention to Tinie Tempah and a trademark noise from the man himself.  Not sure if it was him or an imitation.

Tinchy‘s delivery in his rap is good.  As mentioned earlier it has a trademark Tinchy feel to it, but somehow the overall package of this track makes it, in my opinion, one of his better tunes.  The mix of the female vocal and Tinchy‘s mid-pace delivery is really good.  No doubt as time progresses there will be various remixes of this and you will definitely hear this in the clubs and on the radio.

The one thing that remains unanswered is, who is the female vocal? She sounds really good and a lot more than a standard session singer.  Who is it Tinchy?


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