Under The Sun by Cheryl (Review)

Review of Under The Sun by Cheryl

If you saw anything from us earlier, you can’t have missed our news that Cheryl confirmed the date for the impending Girls Aloud reunion.  Well you can’t keep the Geordie girl down.  In what feels like a bit of a Cheryl day we get to review her new track ‘Under The Sun’.

Review of Cheryl Under the Sun

Review of Cheryl Under the Sun Second Single

When I first open the track from the label, I have to admit I had to check the player, I thought I had the wrong track.  Before you get worried this isn’t a criticism, the intro was really good and not a standard pop song. It kicks off with a jonty piano sounding synth and then kicks in with a beat that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Hip Hop track.  This obviously a welcome influence from Alex Da Kid who co-wrote and produced the track with Cheryl.  Alex has previously produced for the likes of B.O.B. and Eminem.

When you get in to the beat, a really nice start from Cheryl plays in.  She really delivers a great sounding vocal and jumps straight in to a heartfelt message including the lines “I won’t give you my heart, it won’t break twice” and “I’m sure you’ll tell me everything under the sun”, both lines link to Cheryl‘s emotions in previous relationships.  The whole track kind of leans on her emotion, with quite a soft touch.

There are various other elements which make the song a really good listen.  The kind of anthemic shout that accompanies various parts of the song again is a surprise but works really well.  There is a change of pace towards the end which makes you listen even more.

Genuinely, a really good pop record.  Sometimes these types of tracks take me a few listens to get my head round and work out if I like them, not this one.  First listen I was hooked, a great follow-up to ‘Call My Name’ – this has to get to number one as well.

‘Under the Sun’ is released on 2 September and is the second single from her solo album ‘A Million Lights’.  Cheryl also embarks on her first solo headline tour in October taking venues in London and Newcastle among others.

Well done to you Cheryl, you should be proud of this one.

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