Put It Down by Brandy ft Chris Brown (Review)

Review of Put it Down by Brandy ft Chris Brown

So cast your mind back, there were a few young RnB girls hitting the scene at the same time, each with success to a greater or lesser degree.  The names at the time seemed to focus on Monica, Brandy and Aaliyah who is sadly no longer with us.  There were also a few older ones like Adina Howard.

For me the genre sadly lost some of its appeal at the time Aaliyah passed away.  Whilst there undoubtedly big albums from some of those artists it wasn’t the same.  Brandy did record albums after her huge debut album ‘Brandy’ but she seemed to have a bit of a distraction with acting as well, not least her lead role in teen comedy ‘Moesha’.

So Brandy is now back with a new single ‘Put It Down’ featuring the RnB bad boy Chris Brown.  This is the first single from her comeback album ‘Two Eleven’ her first since 2008.

Put It Down by Brandy

Review of Put It Down by Brandy

The single is straight out of the US RnB factory.  It has all the usual flavours including a good beat, a repetitive chorus that is likely to get in your head and a guest rap.  But does this single offer anything more than the hundred or so other US RnB tracks that gets released every month?  In short yes.

The intro features a bizarre mini rap which features of lyrics in the title and is used over in the track.  I definitely haven’t described it well, but it works, I actually started going over it and imitating it myself (sad I know).  Then as the track goes, Brandy‘s singing kicks in.  The verses are delivered with a strong flavour of Brandy‘s ability and we even get a bit of a taste or her rapping ability.  While she may not be Missy Elliott in that department it is still a good delivery.

The song is simple in its message, in the sense it is a bit of a love song.  Brandy does well, however, I don’t think we hear her voice to its fullest in the chorus, which is a bit of a shame.  Chris Brown‘s rap is OK, kind of what you would expect from a guest rap on an RnB track.

The track starts well and gets to its peak quite quickly, making you think we could be on for quite a strong street RnB tune.  Sadly it kind of becomes overly repetitive after a good initial verse from Brandy Norwood.  It seems to run out of steam about two thirds of the way through.  I would have really liked it, if the track had stuck with the natural brandy voice throughout and featured her own rap.

I think this shows that Brandy still has great singing ability.  It also demonstrates she has a voice capable of strong RnB tunes.  I just think this one runs out of steam and doesn’t need the Chris Brown rap.  Its also crying out for a bass heavy remix as it feels a little bit soft.

Looking forward to what is next from Brandy though as she does have a really good voice.

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