In Dreams Of Terror by Evile (Video Review)

Video Review of In Dreams of Terror by Evile

Last week the Yorkshire thrash quartet Evile rather abruptly released a new music video for the track ‘In Dreams Of Terror’ from their latest album ‘Five Serpents Teeth’. I loved how they kept the creation of the video completely under wraps just to throw it out as a surprise without trying to generate hype, bands should do this more often.

Review Evile In Dreams of Terror

Video Review for Evile In Dreams of Terror

The track itself is Evile at its best sporting an ominous, pounding intro that moves into a speedy breakdown with hints of Slayer and Annihilator. Matt Drake sounding like a new-age Hetfield brings in a great chorus delivery but shines brightest with some surprisingly melodic vocals on the bridge.

Both Jon Green and I were lucky enough to meet the band and attend an advance listening event where we heard the entire album back last summer. We covered a full track-by-track review on this very website* so I don’t want to get too bogged down revisiting old territory and describing the music again. While I’m on the subject though, consider this a friendly reminder to listen to the entire album if you like thrash metal in any capacity. ‘Five Serpents Teeth’ is a brilliant, smack-you-in-the-face record that brings a fresh, modern take on classic thrash (think Megadeth and 80’s era Metallica).

Finally getting back on topic, let’s talk about the video. Being brutally honest it is somewhat uninspired, built predominantly around close-up shots of individual band members playing in near pitch darkness or against immaculate white backdrops with flashing imagery arbitrarily dispersed throughout… some of the oldest clichés in music video history. The moving ink blot patterns are used effectively though I’ll grant you.

Evile is a band that consistently displays great technical virtuosity and the video acknowledges that, particularly highlighting the bands’ not-so-secret weapon: Ol Drake. This guy can f%@king shred and it’s very apparent here!

Anyways not a great video but completely inoffensive, watch it for the stellar music and be sure to check out the album if you haven’t done so already. If you want something more engaging on the eyes and completely different on the ears, try their previous video for ‘In Memoriam’.



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