Girls Aloud Reunion Date Confirmed

Girls Aloud Comeback Scheduled for November

You might remember, all the way back in May, we were among the first to tell you the news that Girls Aloud were reuniting to mark their 10th Anniversary and also earmarked to produce an original recording to raise money for Children In Need.

Girls Aloud Comeback

Girls Aloud Reunion Date Confirmed as November

Well Cheryl appeared on Daybreak this morning and gave us another piece of news.  When pushed on a date for the reunion she simply said “well our birthday is in November isn’t it?”  This obviously implies that we should be seeing the girls back together in November.  This does make sense in terms of the Children In Need tie-in that we revealed back in May as well.  The live Children In Need show generally takes place in November as well.

Cheryl Cole Confirms Reunion

Cheryl Cole Confirms Girls Aloud Reunion on Daybreak

Cheryl followed her “innocent” remark with her trademark wink and grin, adding even greater substance to the statement.

The industry insiders suggest that Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberley, Sarah and Nadine, will be recording the Children in Need single, as well as other original material.  In addition there are rumours of live performances.  The girls seem to be really tight as a unit again, spending not only their professional time together but also sharing their personal time.  The girls have tweeted several social pictures of them as a group from their own Twitter accounts. Whatever they have planned, watch this space.

What do you think about Girls Aloud reuniting?  Should they just celebrate their Birthday or make a full comeback like Take That?  Do you think they should just forget all about it?  As a reminder, here is a track from the girls to remind you.

Whatever your view, let us know by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or talk to us on the Music Eyz Facebook Page.

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