Interview With Hip Hop Legend Masta Ace

Music Eyz Exclusive UK Interview with Masta Ace

Last week we reviewed the new album ‘Son of Yvonne’ from one of the legends of Hip Hop Masta Ace.  The words legend and genius are used quite liberally these days, but Masta Ace is genuinely one of those founding fathers of the genre.

Music Eyz were honoured when Masta Ace agreed to spare us a few minutes to answer our questions.  Read away.

Interview with Masta Ace

Music Eyz Exclusive UK Interview with Masta Ace

Q. The album seemed to be very personal and quite an emotional record, what motivated you do show your soul so much?

I am still dealing with the passing of my mother in 2005. I didnt get the chance to say everything to her that was in my heart. This album was a form of therapy for me.

Q. You are recognised as a big influence to some of the biggest rappers in the game, such as Eminem, when you first started out, how high was your ambition?

When I first started out I just wanted a song on the radio. I just thought it would be cool to hear my voice on WBLS in New York. I had no idea this would become a career and take me halfway around the world.

Q. There has been a few documentaries in the UK recently asking has rap sold out, what is your view on the subject?

Rap sold out a long long time ago. As soon as there was a rapping commercial for Coca Cola on TV, selling out became commonplace. It is the natural progression of anything in pop culture. Once the masses are aware of it, the potential to become watered down is an inevitability.

Q. What does success look like for you with this album?

Success looks like another year or two of touring. Another 100 live shows and opportunity to sell merch.

Q. What do you consider to be the highlight of a huge career to date?

Spike Lee Picture

Career Highlight: Masta Ace worked with Spike Lee

A few highlights would be working with Spike Lee and the guys in Crooklyn, headlining or performing at huge festivals in europe in front of as many as 15,000 people, having ‘Born to Roll’ be the #1 video on The Video Juke Box and on radio stations around the country.

Q. What made you coach football? Are you any good? And what prospects do you have in this area?

I started coaching by mistake really. I kind of stumbled into it unknowingly. I played in high school and had aspirations to play in college. I became a student of the sport when I was very young and learned a lot from a few coaching mentors in Brooklyn. In my 9 years coaching junior varsity either as an assistant or head coach our record was 68-12-1 and included 4 championships. We sent countless young men to college during that time, many on full or partial scholarships.


3 thoughts on “Interview With Hip Hop Legend Masta Ace

  1. Two words….the greatest. This man defines art. Many hangovers in life have passed simply listening to his words. Rseagraves

    • Completely agree. Ace is one of the best in the game. He defined and shaped a lot of what the genre is about and how it looks. We need more real MCs out there doing what he does.

  2. Its brilliant u r giving Masta Ace exposure. He’s a real amabassador of true Hip Hop. He was in da game frm day 1. Cn’t wait to here the album to, sounds like a personal joint

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