The Strongest Endz by Insane Macbeth ft Reveal (Review)

Review of The Strongest Endz by Insane Macbeth ft Reveal

We got sent a couple of tracks by Insane Macbeth to the offices here at Music Eyz.  That aint unusual, we get it all the time.  But as regular readers know, we love sifting through the CDs, MP3s and streams and see what we get.  The variety is ridiculous, which we love, but sometimes you get the odd diamond.

Insane Macbeth, where have you been hiding son?

Review of Strongest Endz by Insane Macbeth

We review The Strongest Endz by Insance Macbeth ft Reveal

From the moment you hit play, the beat in ‘The Strongest Endz’ hit you.  The repetitive backing has a kind of dark and daunting feel to it.  But back to the beat, the more you listen to it, the more your head starts to nod.

Reveal is spitting the rhymes on this one and he definitely has one of those really credible rhyming styles.   You can indentify the fact that he is british from the accent and to a degree his style, but his ability and style could also see him equally at home stateside.  When you add Reveal to the skills of Insane Macbeth‘s production in to the equation you get a real complimentary ally, adding another depth to the track.

‘The Strongest Endz’ is well produced but it also maintains a raw element which gives it a real underground flavour.  The thing that gets you in to listening is the feeling that there is a bit of a battle rhyme going on in the lyrics.  It feels a little bit more than just bravado.

Have a listen and give us your views.  Add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or add a comment to the Music Eyz Facebook Page.  By the way, if you like the track you can also download it for free.


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