Still In Love by Warren G (Review)

Review of Still In Love by Warren G

In the early 90s summers were good.  Every year growing up in Bristol the sun seemed to shine and the school holidays were great.  They essentially combined playing football, basketball, hanging out with mates and my first forays in to DJing in local clubs.

At the time, it seemed Hip Hop was hitting its heights.  I remember being in a handful that liked the real hard and dirty beats of the music.  The topics were controversial and quite dark.  Then in 1992 something changed.  Dr Dre‘s ‘The Chronic’ was released and it introduced a new sound.  Some of the album was still hard and gritty Hip Hop, but it also added a bit of a funky side, where the tunes were a bit more melodic.

Then in 1994 probably one of the greatest moments in Hip Hop happened.  Warren G released ‘Regulate…G Funk Era’  This really did two things.  One was personal as it got me in to a slightly softer sound of Hip Hop with a real funky edge.  You know what G Funk is all good.  It also widened the door even further for Hip Hop to hit the masses.

I remember on the first listen of ‘Regulate’ (the real one not the radio version), I kind of just listened in awe.  The track was brilliantly produced with really amazing music, cool beats and Warren G rapping so smoothly and effortlessly over the top.  Add in the haunting vocals of the late great Nate Dogg and you had something special.  For this, Warren G will always hold a very special memory for me in terms of his music.

Review of Still In Love by Warren G

Review of G Funk legend Warren G Still in Love

Anyway, you are probably all bored now thanks to my childhood stories.  So on to the current day.  I am all grown up now and I get musical influences from all over the place thanks to running this site and the way the internet has helped broadcast music all over the world.  Warren G has released a number of albums since the early 90s and has been hugely busy as a producer.  But nothing has quite hit that ridiculously high peak of ‘Regulate’.

‘Still In Love’ starts with a bit of a retro, almost Motown opening of music, then you get smacked across the eardrums with a heavy bassline.  Then back in some Al Green singing drops in, before Warren jumps in with his smooth as chocolate rhymes.

The track as you would expect from the title is quite a sentimental one, talking about a relationship.  But he goes through the track talking about his decks, mic and how he bought Snoop to Dre.  In a section where he puts a microscope on the industry, he also talks about how MCs now get signed by performing on webcams.  He also talks about how labels have made loads of money.

You get the sense when you listen to the track that Warren is unhappy with some of the treatment he has received, yet still knows people and labels need him.

The track utilises Warren G‘s production skills to the fullest and demonstrates he is still top of his game.  I don’t think I have heard a track that uses this kind of combination of a really stunning backing track/sample, sick beats and great rapping for quite some time.  Warren G is back and deserves to be listened to.  I love this track!

If it doesn’t all work out how it should off the back of this, at least Warren has his sideline venture Affirm XL (look it up).


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