Hold Your Horses by Pati Yang (Review)

Review of Hold Your Horses by Pati Yang

For those that don’t know, Pati Yang is a Polish electro-pop artist.  The biggest thing to come from Poland to my knowledge is Vodka.  So does this track have the bite of a fine Polish Vodka or is it as limp as a lager top?

Review of Hold Your Horses by Pati Tang

Review of Hold Your Horses the new single by Pati Tang

First off, ‘Hold Your Horses’ is the title track to a four-track EP, which is set for a release on 17th September, to avoid any doubt we are only reviewing ‘Hold Your Horses’ the track not the EP.

The track starts out with a big church organ style sound, bringing the sense that something epic (but probably not biblical) is going to happen.  Pati Yang‘s voice then hits over the vocal.  She has a rather distinct style.  I know she has been compared to the likes of Little Boots, but I think Pati is quite different.  She never belts out a Leona Lewis style note, but this isn’t the track to do that on.

Further in the track, she appears to be her own backing singer, making a tune out of her la laaing.  Now this may sound quite flippant, but it isn’t meant to be.  When you add this to the drum beat, it feels slightly Celtic in its sound.

In fact, Pati Yang sings in a really great way, the production is clever and you often lose yourself in the moment.  In fact, I think it is so well put together, I often forgot or didn’t focus on the fact that the majority of music is synth driven.  Parts of the sound are incredibly manufactured as you would expect from this genre, but believe me it does stand out from anything else you would have heard.

Another key reason why this works, is there seems little effect, manipulation, synth of Pati Yang‘s voice.  There is little evidence of an autotune on here.

In short, this song may not have the potency of Polish Vodka, but if definitely isn’t a lager top either.  If there was one criticism of the track, which is clutching at straws, Pati‘s voice sometimes gets lost in the bigger parts of the track, but, this was probably deliberate.

I would suggest, Poland has a new export that they can be proud of.


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