Wings by Little Mix (Review)

Review of Wings by Little Mix

I remember watching X Factor and thinking it was so obvious a group were going to win it this time.  What I didn’t know at the start was that it would be Little Mix, but it became quite clear as the finals progressed.  The group that was “put together on the show” seem to have done quite well for themselves.

Little Mix New SIngle Wings

Review of the new Little Mix Single Wings

Well we have been going quite heavy on the Hip Hop and dance recently, so its quite nice to break from that and review a nice pop tune.  Now I won’t pretend I know the names of each individual group member, but that doesn’t really matter (does it?).

‘Wings’ is the follow-up single to the bands X Factor song, the cover of ‘Cannonball’ originally by Damien RiceThe X Factor winning single is always going to do well, but its what happens after that is a real test of the winners longevity.  So often, winning the contest has been a bit of a poisoned challis, see Steve Brookstein, Matt Cardle, Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson, Joe McElderry and to a slightly lesser degree Alexandra Burke.

However, Little Mix do seem to have something.  The follow-up single had to be good though, especially with all the talk of a Girls Aloud reunion (brought to you way back by Music Eyz) and the original line-up of the Sugababes reforming.

‘Wings’ answers the questions though.  It is a really tightly produced pop song that demonstrates the variety in the each of the girls singing ability.  The sound is definitely pop, but with a little bit of a Soul- Diva feel about it.  Strangely there is something reminiscent of En Vogue in the song.  This isn’t comparing Little Mix to En Vogue before we get any comments, just the kind of swagger about their delivery.

The lyrics are nice in the sense that it shows the girls getting advice from their mum and not to restrict themselves.  Essentially aim for the sky encapsulated by the line “these wings are made to fly”.  There is a softer element of girl power to the message within the song.

This is a good pop song, that should receive great radio play and hopefully good promotion and propel the girls back to the number one spot.

By the way, just joking of course I know the members Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy and Jade. Each of them are talented singers in their own right but harmonise really well to make a great girl group.  The single ‘Wings’ is due for release on 26 August.

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