Treatment by Labrinth (Review)

Review of Treatment by Labrinth

I have given an indifferent response to some of Labrinth‘s previous releases, the one thing that has remained consistent in all the comments though is the man’s talent as a musician, producer and singer.  The good thing about Labrinth is the various styles of music he tackles.  He has dabbled in rap, singing and real music with an orchestra and complex strings.

Review of Treatment by Labrinth

Review of new single Treatment by Labrinth

‘Earthquake’ and ‘Let The Sun Shine’ were different to each other and again different to ‘Express Yourself’.  Well the new single ‘Treatment’ offers something different again.  The sound on the single is much more on a RnB or pop flavour.  It contains well played music with real instruments rather than computer generated music.

Labrinth also shows off his vocal ability in the song ‘Treatment’.  As the song is stripped back to a real pop song it allows Labrinth to show some real emotion and passion in his lyrical delivery.  The video also supports the amount of effort he puts in to the song, as he really puts every ounce of effort in to the production.

For me, this is a much more mature performance from Labrinth than some of his previous efforts.  For me, it is the best example of his capability as a musician and singer.

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