Ma Doom: Son of Yvonne by Masta Ace (Album Review)

Review of Masta Ace Album – Ma Doom: Son of Yvonne

You will be forgiven for forgetting Masta Ace or wondering where the hell he has been.  One of the early players on the scene Masta Ace appeared on the 1988 Juice Crew cut ‘The Symphony’.  He is world-renowned for his lyrical ability and being able to mix quick delivery as comfortably as he is delivering smooth laidback lyrics.  It is the more smooth laidback delivery where I think Masta Ace comes in to his own.

Review of Ma Doom: Son of Yvonne

Review of Ma Doom: Son of Yvonne the new album from Masta Ace

So what has he been doing for the past few years.  Well aside from being a noted influence of some of today’s leading MC’s including Eminem, he has also been coaching a high-school American football team.  Well nearly 25 years on from his debut Masta Ace is back with a new album.

The Brooklyn born rapper joins forces with producer MF Doom to bring an album of some considerable weight.  The whole production has a real old school feel to it.  Brilliantly produced music and nice interludes linking the rapping talents of Masta Ace together.

The album kicks off with its first complete track, linking back to how Masta Ace started out in the seventies.  Being influenced by his mums music such as Earth Wind and Fire.  It also commentates on the run ins all kids had with their folks and the usual type of discipline when they did something silly like rap and scratch over their records.  You get the sense Masta Ace is really reminiscing over the good old days in ‘Nineteen Seventy Something’.

‘Son of Yvonne’ has a similar introspective look back on a bygone era.  Its jazzy feel has a link back to one of Guru‘s experimental concepts in the ‘Jazzmatazz’ mould.  It is a poignant track which, regardless of the message, is musically a great track.  However the real personal message adds a real extra layer to the track.

There are a few guest appearances on the album, but perhaps the best comes on the track ‘Think I Am’ which features the legendary Big Daddy Kane.  You may be forgiven for thinking Masta Ace could get overshadowed on the track.  But you couldn’t be further from the truth.  Big Daddy Kane absolutely nails his lines in typical style, but he just adds to the track.  The whole thing just links together superbly.

To be honest, the whole album is first class.  There doesn’t seem to be a weak point on the album.  Masta Ace delivers a brilliant album which covers a number of stories and also adds a few revealing looks in to the man’s personality.  We hope this is a success and we get to hear more of Masta Ace in the future.  This is the kind of recording that got me in to Hip Hop in the first place.  You must get your hands on a copy.


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