Jingalin by Ludacris (Review)

Review of Jingalin by Ludacris

First off, this has real hints of ‘Jingaling Baby’ by LL Cool J, not sure if its a direct sample but the hint is there.  The similarities don’t stop there though, the sentiment in both tunes are the same.

Review of Jingalin by Ludacris

Review of new single Jingalin by Ludacris

Secondly, this isn’t one of those tracks for the sensitive and not the most PC of all tracks.  This is predicated right at the start of the video with the tongue in cheek warning/apology.  The video is unapologetically old school Hip Hop, with loads of dancing by less than fully clothed men and women around a pool.

But aside from all tha, this tune is an absolute banger.  The beats are hard, the intro with the old style music and school bell which creates a new dawn of even harder beats is epic.  Ludacris lends his unmistakable rapping ability to an immense backign track and the repetitive ‘Jingalin’ chorus sticks in your head as much as any track I can remember for a long-time.  Simon Cowell would be jealous of that hook and the way it can indent your cranium.

Whilst this song isn’t perhaps an all-time masterpiece, but it is a brilliant party Hip Hop track and the production is first rate.  Ludacris is on fire at the moment and he definitely has the midas touch.  The touch has most definitely struck gold again with ‘Jingalin’

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