I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons (Review)

Review of I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

Who would have thought just two or three years ago that a folk style tune would have people clamouring to hear it. Would be trending on Twitter and be one of Zane Lowe‘s picks on BBC Radio 1.  Well Mumford & Sons have been instrumental in that rise of popularity.

Review of Mumford & Sons I Will Wait

Review of Mumford & Sons new single I Will Wait

Contemporary folk music that we see and hear in the charts these days is a bit of a different animal to the clapping old farmers in little pubs and clubs.  That isn’t meant as a detrimental comment though, the modern track such as ‘I Will Wait’ are still steeped in the very traditions of folk music that have made it popular for generation upon generation.

‘I Will Wait’ the new single from Mumford & Sons is a massively upbeat number, almost anthemic.  The music and singing are done with passionate, they reached almost a fever pitch as the tambourine in the background repetitively drives at a manic speed. When I played the tambourine as a kid at school, I remember waiting until the end of a chord to try and time hitting it.  This tambourine is constant and adds to the pace that you feel in the track.

The whole package of ‘I Will Wait’ draws the listener in and makes even myself, a non fan, get suckered in and want to listen.  You know what? I will even go as far as to say it moved me and made me tap my foot.  I encourage everybody to listen, forget your preconceptions and listen to the track.

I was pleasantly surprised and think it is a definite must listen.  ‘I Will Wait’ is released on 24 September and will be the first single to be released on the new album ‘Babel’ which is released on the same day.

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