Say Nothing by Example (Review)

Review of Say Nothing by Example

Example is a name that the majority of people will know whether they like his music or not. Last year he made the top of the UK charts a few times with his uniquely mixed songs containing rap and catchy, relatable, real life lyrics; he made No.1 with the platinum album: ‘Playing in the Shadows’ and with the singles: ‘Changed the Way You Kiss Me’ and ‘Stay Awake’. Example has already made a name for himself but now needs to keep it.

Review of Say Nothing by Example

Music Eyz review of the new single from Example ‘Say Nothing’

Example returns with his 3rd studio album produced by DJ Dirty South with a ‘fresh’ and slightly different sound. The single ‘Say Nothing’ is a non-abrasive, vaguely euphoric, summer floor filler that still manages to hold trademark ‘Example-isms’ such as a catchy chorus, a signature rap and a rave-pop sound.

The song is packed full of electronic beats, synths and hints of the intended ‘rock vibes’ played out in rhythmical guitar riffs. The single sounds a bit boy band-ish, and for me scarily echo’s notes of One Night Only‘s track ‘Say You Don’t Want It’, but just like their fans, will Example‘s fans take on this new and more mainstream sound? I’m not sure it will hold the whole fan base as it strays from the dubstep inspired previous releases, and does not particularly push it’s way into anything new, but it’s destined to be a radio smash hit, so does it really matter?!

The lyrics of ‘Say Nothing’ are undoubtedly ones that don’t stray too far from Example‘s classic use of bloke romance, a sort of boy pop. They are repetitive but catchy and can be easily related to, due to the white washed, bitter-sweet romanticism. I think the lyrics are too well calculated for a deep and lasting impression but they are not words I would associate with the top charts anyway. I think these days in music you can win a lot of hearts with simple and straight forward.

I have to admit that listening to it a number of times in order to be able to write this review has almost won me over as it’s a single that is pleasant enough to listen to on the radio but also merges into the background enough to enable you to think!

‘Say Nothing’ is due to be released on 16th September.  Let us know what you think by tweeting us @MusicEyz, commenting on the Music Eyz Facebook wall or by adding a comment below.

Review by Carla Williams


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