Eminem Announces New Album

Eminem Announces New Album

The news that Eminem is returning to the studio to record a new album with the legend that is Dr Dre is literally music to my ears.  Eminem is still one of the heavyweights of the Hip Hop world and we hope he can go back to his very best with real dark lyrics, laced with humour and underpinned by tough Dre beats.

Eminem in Studio with Dr Dre

Eminem in Studio Recording New Album with Dr Dre

In the piece given to MTV, Eminem has apparently hit the studio with Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar to record a new track called ‘Street Lights’ the platinum blonde rapper confirmed details of the collaboration.

The ‘Real Slim Shady’ rapper confirmed earlier in the year that he was returning to the studio with Dr Dre and revealed the details in an exclusive interview, confirming: “Yeah, I got this crazy record with Gaga and Kendrick for the upcoming LP… It’s called ‘Street Lights’, and it’s just a real upbeat record.”

Lady Gaga to appear on Eminem Album

Lady Gaga to appear on Dr Dre produced Eminem Album

Marshall was also eager to confirm that the track will “definitely” become a future single. The unlikely pairing is likely to be a result of the friendship Gaga has struck up with Kendrick Lamar.

While discussing the release date of the album, Eminem said: “We don’t have a release date yet, but it’ll be after Slaughterhouse‘s album.”


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