Your Love Ain’t Fair by Simian Mobile Disco (Review)

Review of Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love Ain’t Fair

You can always rely on these guys to bring the goods. Anyone who’s seen Simian Mobile Disco live will have witnessed the mass of analogue synths and gadgetry they surround themselves with, evidence that they put a lot of considered thought into their productions and strive for the best sound possible. The single ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ exemplifies this quality control showing intricacy and perfection in the levelling proving why they are in demand as producers.

Review Your Love Ain't Fair by Simian Mobile Disco

Review of Your Love Ain’t Fair by Simian Mobile Disco


The glissando rising of the hook and vocal cry give this an uplifting edge to put a little spring in your dance step. The spiralling hook spins like a tornado in the ears raising you higher with each repetition. The second drop could have more gusto but if this is the first you’ll hear of the album you’ll be clicking to find a stream of the rest.

Head to their website where you can download an app that allows you to listen to the latest album, ‘Unpatterns’ whilst playing and manipulating custom designed moiré patterns.

Review by Danny Byrne

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