Contrast by Conor Maynard (Album Review)

Review of Contrast Debut Album by Conor Maynard

So ‘Contrast’ the debut album from MTV’s ‘Brand New for 2012’ award winner, Conor Maynard, is released, but not to as much noise as expected. Whether anything is able to shout louder than the Olympics right now could go some way to explaining this (that’s not a complaint by the way).

Review of Conor Maynard Album

Music Eyz Review Contrast the Debut Album from Conor Maynard

So is Conor worthy of his MTV accolade?

The music is reasonably well produced, as you’d expect from Parlophone. ‘Turn Around (feat. Ne-Yo)’ leaves images of Conor driving a speedboat around a Mediterranean harbour in a saturated-coloured music video with obligatory chasing of a girl. All the tracks have a squeaky pop sound that will snuggle into the charts very comfortably. It tries a bit hard to fit into trends of harder dance music rather than staying in familiar territory which sounds rather forced. The lyrics are typical trite R&B schtick of a naughty little boy playing up around town and then trying to convince us he has a sensitive side too. He is often compared to Bieber but he is more like Jason Mraz with added synths.

For a pop record it’s OK. Girls will love it. But it’ll soon be gathering dust in the recesses of your hard drive in 12 month’s time.

Review by Danny Byrne


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