Take You There by Jodie Connor ft Busta Rhymes (Review)

Review of Take You There by Jodie Connor ft Busta Rhymes

Quite a lot of kudos for Jodie Connor, getting Busta Rhymes on a track is a pretty big deal.  Right from the off you hear hints of Busta, but the biggest thing that hits you is the kind of electro dance backing track that is heavily enthused with a Bollywood sound.  Maybe its a Bajan influence, Jodie Connor is a British born Bajan singer adding to the big Bajan influence of pop music driven by Rihanna and supported by Cover Drive.

Take You There by Jodie Connor ft Busta Rhymes

Review of Take You There by Jodie Connor ft Busta Rhymes

Jodie‘s vocals seem to have been treated a bit on this track, as is the case with most tracks of this nature.  For me this is a shame because she does have a good voice.  It doesn’t detract from her performance though as she delivers the vocals very well and you get a sense of her range.

The dance backing track to ‘Take You There’ is very complex though, with lots of sounds fighting each other which in parts gets just too busy and you lose your way a little.  Luckily with Jodie‘s voice you get back on track as like Medusa she draws you in to her.

The lyrics and singing are simple in their composition, which is probably the reason you can and want to listen over the noisy backing track.  Sadly as with most pop records featuring a Hip Hop act, you have to wait until right at the end before you hear Busta.  Whilst his verse is good, it kind of feels like one of those that its just plugged in to a track as a filler and he earns some cash.

This review may read a little negative.  But in short, it is a good pop record.  Jodie‘s vocal is good as is her overall performance.  ‘Take You There’ is let down a bit by its backing track which overshadows the good vocals.  I think I am being a bit more critical on this because I know that Jodie Connor is a great talent and we should hear more of her, rather than a complicated backing track. Busta Rhymes, as always is an added bonus, but don’t expect anything of ‘Woo-Ha’ proportions on it.

It is a good track to listen to, probably get you to have a dance and must be good because the three minutes it lasts flies by.

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