Goin’ In by Jennifer Lopez ft Flo Rida (Review)

Review of Goin’ In by JLo ft FloRida

Its been a while since we have heard anything from Jennifer Lopez aka JLo, it’s definitely the first time since we started Music Eyz.  So what is the latest joint from Jenny from the Block like?

The first thing that hits you about ‘Goin’ In’ is the sense that this is a much bigger dance/club track than perhaps some of her previous tracks have been.  The beat feels very European in its dance feel, the sort of LMFAO feel to it.  This is probably down to her producer on the track, one GoonRock who has been instrumental in the LMFAO sound.

The track is a really lively upbeat party number, but you still feel the latino in Jennifer Lopez coming through.  I sat here listening to the track through my headphones and wanted to dance along, not that I would get close to the ability of JLo or the thousands of dancers in the video.

J Lo Goin In

We review the new single from J Lo – Goin’ In ft Flo Rida


The first thing that hits you about the video, is that JLo has a bit of the Grace Jones about her in the opening hooded shot.  She then gets a close-up of her lips, which shows shiny and sparkly sequins on her lips.  Now that isn’t practical Ms Lopez, how will you drink with those lips?

Anyway back to the song.  ‘Goin’ In’ does keep a constant fast paced crescendo to it up until the appearance of rappers, notably Flo RidaJLo‘s vocal does sit proudly above the backing music though, which at points gets so frenetic you feel like you are riding pillion on the back of Lewis Hamilton‘s F1 car.

So to the rap.  We haven’t been Flo Rida‘s warmest fans here at Music Eyz, in fact, at times we have hated his stuff, ‘Whistle’ being the perfect example of that.  Well credit where its due, as he is sticking to delivering a rap he actually does well.  His lyrics are delivered with some pace and crispness.  Even though the rap is blatantly an add on at the end, as they often are when rappers are featured, it actually fits with the song.

Overall, this will be huge in the US and will probably do quite well over here.  Its good to see JLo with a change of direction and ‘Goin’ In’ demonstrates she has kept current and can make an assault on both our dancefloors and the charts.

Listen here to the track and let us know your views by adding comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting on the Music Eyz Facebook wall.


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