Ei8ht by Nik Kershaw (Album Review)

Review of New Nik Kershaw Album ‘Ei8ht’

When I received a CD of the new Nik Kershaw album I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I mean the boy was big in the 80s, he had huge hits in the shape of ‘Wide Boy’ and ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’ to name but to.  They were huge at the time but that was the 80s.  Would Nik Kershaw really be able to come up with a credible and current album so long since his peak of the 80s?

Review of Ei8ht new album from Nik Kershaw

We review Ei8ht the new album from 80s Legend Nik Kershaw

But Kershaw, born in Bristol, but raised in Suffolk has quite a pedigree. In 1984 he stayed in the charts for 50 of the 52 weeks, a record that still remains unbroken for solo artists.  He has also penned hits for the likes of Elton John, Bonnie Tyler and Chesney Hawkes monster hit ‘One and Only’ – so can he turn this prowess in to a hit album for himself.

Well ‘Ei8ht’ did surprise me if I am honest.  It doesn’t contain any cheesy pop to speak of.  It shows off Kershaw‘s creativity and writing skills by presenting a very diverse range of songs.  Whilst the album doesn’t really tell a story as a whole, each individual track does, this is kind of what songwriting used to be about.  Again the mix of styles is relatively eclectic considering they are all from the same artist.

‘Runaway’ contains some really basic guitar chords which help show off Kershaw‘s strong lyrical capability, which unlike some of his contemporaries doesn’t seem to have diminished.  ‘You’re The Best’ almost transcends genres within the same track, it is an upbeat number which goes from gentle pop to almost light rock, great production.

The album is scheduled for release on 6th August along with the single ‘Sky’s the Limit’ which features on the album.  I think its a great choice as a single.  The track is a very positive upbeat number which basically lets the listener in to Nik Kershaw‘s world and demonstrates you can do anything.

In fact this album is quite a feel good compilation of music, with positive uplifting messages appearing regularly.  You will definitely not get depressed listening to this one.  In fact ‘You’re The Best’ could be used for motivational purposes, apparently “I am the cherry on the cake”.


2 thoughts on “Ei8ht by Nik Kershaw (Album Review)

  1. All Nik’s albums have great songs, lyrically and musically. Check out “15 minutes” which is a terrific album.

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