Ugly by LeeLee (Review)

Review of Ugly by LeeLee

Cast your mind back, “U…G…L…Y… you don’t need no allaby, you ugly”.  Remember that Daphne and Celeste pollution for your eardrums?  The horribly cheesy pop duo also released classics such as ‘Ooh Stick You’ and ‘Schools Out’ but are probably most remembered for being the victims of bottles being thrown at them at the 2000 Reading festival.

So when we got an eMail to the Music Eyz hotline saying that a new US teen pop act has release a track called ‘Ugly’ shivers were sent up my spine.  Please don’t tell me somebody had thought it was a good idea to cover this monstrosity.

Well the answer is simply no.  Yes it is a pop song and yes it will appeal to a younger audience, despite the slightly edgy rock look that LeeLee‘s stylist has gone for, but thank christ it isn’t a cover of Daphne and Celeste.  So read on.

LeeLee Ugly Review

Review of Ugly the new single from US singer LeeLee

When we first looked at the video the opening sequence was a highly polished, HD and colourful opening sequence that reminded me of a US soap/drama serial such as Desperate Housewives.  The way LeeLee came out her house and got a reaction from the couple of goofy chaps didn’t make me change my opinion.  This doesn’t sound good yet does it (before you ask no Eva Longoria does not feature).  Please stick with us.

The video certainly changes as more and more obscure people enter here house. She has to win credit with the UK audience though as she dons a nice little union jack dress.  LeeLee also has that different image, yes she is clean cut American but her look does have a bad girl / rocker edge to it.

The track itself is a definite pop number.  LeeLee has that kind of Britney or Kelly Clarkson hint to her voice, the way she drags certain words.  The track is upbeat and LeeLee‘s delivery is good.  She has a good pitch to her voice which mixes well with the light rock tone to the track.

I am still not sure what the ‘Ugly’ reference is about, but no doubt there is a sense of teen angst throughout the track.  If you are in to the real US pop like Katy Perry, we think you will like this.  Give it a listen.  The single also contains some remixes from UKG legend Matt Jam Lamont.

For us, we would like to see LeeLee do something a bit less poppy and see if she can explore her voice and the obvious edge she has.  Her look could give her that USP to help her stand out. Then we may have an act that could break from the level already in place.

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