Exclusive Interview with NY Singer/Songwriter Jackie Scott

Music Eyz Exclusive – Interview with NY Singer/Songwriter Jackie Scott

You may remember back in April we reviewed the EP ‘Pink Hot Blush’ from NY singer/songwriter Jackie ScottJackie is obviously a talent that is getting to grips with her own style.  We are really happy that she has taken the time out to give Music Eyz and exclusive UK interview.  We talk about her style, musical influences in NYC and pick up who she would most like to collaborate with.

Exclusive Interview with Jackie Scott

Exclusive Interview with Jackie Scott

Music Eyz: Firstly, thanks for taking the time to speak to us Jackie.  Give us a bit of info on who Jackie Scott is.

Name: Jackie Scott

Age: 27

Place of birth:Edison, NJ

Single/Married/Divorced: Single

Family: Mom, Dad and my younger brother

Pets: Hercules, my cat

Music Eyz: We listened to your EP and their is a bit of a mix of styles.  You have some great more mainstream pop and also some Electro style tracks, where is your preference and what direction are you going in?

Jackie Scott: I wish I knew the answer to those questions myself. That’s something I’m trying figure out right now. I definitely listen to more electronic stuff than pop lately. But there’s not always a lot of room for vocals in electro tracks. I think I’ll look for a good balance like the Ellie Goulding song ‘Lights’ or Rihanna‘s track ‘Red Lipstick’. I’m more into bass music than house.

Ellie Goulding Lights

Jackie Scott lists Ellie Goulding Lights as an influence

Music Eyz: Good choices and big songs to follow.  On your EP you have the song ‘Pink Hot Blush’ that was a real sassy number that we REALLY liked.  What made you come up with that?

Jackie Scott: Haha actually the track is called ‘Train Wreck’ but there is a line that says “pink hot blush”. (Music Eyz – oops, yes, sorry) I’m glad you liked because that’s my favorite! I was inspired by a few things: a recent break up that led to a several-month drinking binge and a creepy guy I met online who was so cocky and freaky but I think his behaviour came from a place of insecurity. I was sort of musing on his lifestyle and the song just came out of me.

Music Eyz: Two messages for you there kids. If interviewing somebody, get the song right and also be careful meeting people online. To make it in either pop or electro you need some tight producers working with you, who are you going to be working with in the future?

Jackie Scott: I’m working with Lior Magal and may call on some other people in the future but I’m not sure who yet. Open to suggestions…

Music Eyz: Sorry to be slightly negative, but the EP features one of our pet hates, the voicebox (synth voice), you have a great voice, will we get to hear more of it untreated in the future?

Jackie Scott: That’s ok and thanks for the compliment. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately and am taking that into consideration. As an experiment I recorded a cover version of The Wanted‘s ‘Chasing the Sun’ (Music Eyz: see video at the end of this article) with none of that auto-tunes sound. People seemed to really like it so I think my next project will be the same electro-pop vibe but no synth voice….well, a lot less. I like the effect sometimes.

Jackie Scott recorded a cover of The Wanted Chasing The Sun

Jackie Scott recorded a cover of The Wanted Chasing The Sun

Music Eyz:  Yeah the synth effect is OK when used sparingly, just some artists rely on it.  You are based in NYC at the moment, currently a hotbed of music.  How does this influence you and your music?

Jackie Scott: Being able to meet different producers and songwriters so easily is really cool. If I hear something I like online, I can contact the artist if they are based in New York and say, hey, let’s meet up and talk music. Or I can just go to a show.

Music Eyz: With the likes of Jay Z, making NY the home of Hip Hop again, would you consider putting a Hip Hop influence in one of your tracks?

Jackie Scott: Yeah, maybe. I like hip hop. One emerging electronic genre I like is trap. It’s basically a new hip hop sound. There are a lot of up and coming trap producers I could probably work with and it would be a fun challenge to incorporate that sound into a more pop style track.

Music Eyz:  Not really heard much trap, will definitely check it out. If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead at the moment, who would it be and why?

Jackie Scott: Diplo because he’s always trying new stuff and every track is a banger.

Music Eyz: OK, so what is coming up for Jackie Scott both personally and professionally in the next year?

Jackie Scott: Not sure… Gotta make some plans! A second EP.

Music Eyz: If you could give a tip to anybody trying to break in to the music scene, what would it be and why?

Jackie Scott: Take action. Stop talking and start doing. Also there are a lot of people / con artists who will try to get $ out of you.

Music Eyz: Sound advice! Any plans to come to the UK and show off your music here?

Jackie Scott: I’d love to. Tell me where to go.

Music Eyz: I am sure we could help you out, lets talk 🙂

Music Eyz: Do you have a message you would like to give our readers and the UK public?

Jackie Scott: Shake your groove thing.

Music Eyz: Finally, can you sum up Jackie Scott in 5 words?

Jackie Scott: No. I’m complexx. Too complex for words.

Music Eyz: Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us Jackie, its been great speaking with you.  Good luck with your music and we hope to hear some new stuff from you soon.

Jackie Scott:Thank you!


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