Invincible by Lemar (Review)

Review of Invincible by Lemar

I remember being one of the few people that tuned in to see BBC’s then attempt at reality talent show Fame Academy.  I still think it was a better show than X Factor and definitely better than The Voice.  Anyway, that was back in 2002-2003 and like many of these shows the biggest talent on there didn’t win.

For me, the best act on there was definitely North Londoner and Tottenham fan Lemar.  This was always my feeling but came through even stronger when he sang a haunting version of Al Green‘s ‘Lets Stay Together’.  Later he also performed a brilliant duet with Lionel Ritchie, singing ‘Easy’ which the big man Lionel himself admitted was amazing.

Review of Lemar Invincible

Review of Lemar Invincible

Lemar did have a good album released, which did OK and a few hit singles, then it all went a bit quiet.  But the boy is back.  His latest offer is the single ‘Invincible’ which is due to drop on 12 August, which is on his new album.

The intro to the track is really minimalistic and builds in to a lovely opening by Lemar‘s opening lyrics “I had a dream, it was golden, we were children, playing heart to heart”.  From the very start he begins his story which builds up as the momentum of the tune builds.  Throughout Lemar‘s husky style is prominent, however in the chorus he really shows off his amazing range which captivated us that whole decade ago (god I feel old).

This is a very mature track from Lemar and a genuine soulful pop song.  We hope it does well, as Lemar deserves success, good track.

Hear the song (sadly not official video) below



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