How We Do (Party) by Rita Ora (Review)

Review of How We Do (Party) by Rita Ora

Rita Ora had mass success with her big leap in to UK chart stardom when she sang the lead vocal on DJ Fresh hit ‘Hot Right Now’.  Her own debut hit was equally as massive –  ‘R.I.P.” featuring Dizzee Rascal was huge.  But sometimes when an artist has such a huge hit how do they follow it up.  Sometimes they get so defined by that monster hit, their entire career is centred on that.  What I didn’t realise is that she had actually auditioned to be Britain’s entry for the Eurovision in 2009, thankfully losing out to now Sugababe, Jade Ewen.  It could have been so different for Rita.

Rita Ora How We Do Review

Rita Ora How We Do Review

So a challenge for Rita Ora then.  Here is her follow-up ‘How We Do (Party)’ again brought to us by Rocnation.  Whilst it doesn’t quite possess the same passion and rawness of either ‘Hot Right Now’ or ‘R.I.P.’, this is a great pop song.  The opening few lines are a little reminiscent of a Katy Perry number, without the same level of niceness cheese.

The track is a great feel-good pop record that can get people up, young or old, to dance away.  The sample CD we were sent also has a few remixes on it.  They are all more dance oriented, proving you will definitely be hearing this under one guise in clubs over here and on your travels to clubs overseas.

My favourite mixes are the one by Papercha$er as Rita‘s vocal stands out and is even perhaps more prominent than on the original.  The other favourite remix is the one by Laidback Luke, although for completely different reasons.  The Laidback Luke remix is really futuristic and uses some great looping and heavy bass to bring a whole new feel to the track, this one is a definite club banger.

In short, the original of ‘How We Do (Party)’ by Rita Ora is a good pop song.  No real deep meaning and completely different from either previous track, but a good easy listening pop track.  However, there are also some good remixes for the party animals out there


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