George Michael Teaser Announced

Teaser for New George Michael Video Revealed

Its been a while coming, but George Michael is back.  He seems pretty excited by it as well if you read his Twitter timeline.

George Michael White Light Teaser

George Michael White Light Teaser

George has unveiled a 24-second teaser clip for new single ‘White Light’.  The teaser shows supermodel, Kate Moss donning a (faux) fur coat.  She seemingly saves George‘s life, before George busts in to his dance routine which has shots of guns and police.  This isn’t the first time George has featured supermodels in his videos.  Remember ‘Too Funky’ it was a Who’s Who of Supermodels of the time.

Kate Moss White Light Video

Kate Moss White Light Video

This marks George Michael‘s first promo work since his well reported problems, including his battle against pneumonia.  The full video is due to be released online next week (17 July).

North London’s George Michael shared his delight on Twitter to explode in excitement “Video is completely finished today. I have to thank everybody that appeared in it or worked on it xx. Including Kate of course, but most importantly, RYAN HOPE, the video’s director. Lovely bloke, and genius.. 🙂 “I think it’s f***ing fantastic! It will go online next Tuesday, can’t wait to see what u all think of it :))”

We will definitely be all over the full video when it comes out. Good to have you back Mr George Michael.


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