Angel Fall by Amy Steele ft Game Crazy Cousinz Remix (Review)

Review of Angel Fall (Crazy Cousinz Remix) by Amy Steele ft Game

So what attracted me to this track, I hear you say? Was it The Game, the creator of the album of 2005, ‘The
Documentary’, and one of the most controversial rappers of the last 8 years since his highly publicised split
from 50 Cent‘s G-Unit? Yes, yes it was.

Was it anything else? No, no it wasn’t.

HOWEVER, was I left with something other than just the lyrics of this Compton born rapper? YES I MOST
CERTAINLY WAS!!! Ladies and gents, I present, Miss Amy Steele.

Review Amy Steele Angel Fall

Review Amy Steele Angel Fall

Amy Steele is a 20 year old British singer / songwriter, born and raised in London. Amy‘s been around since
2010 making a name for herself, and putting a high profile name like The Game (Sorry Mr Taylor, you’re
always gonna be THE GAME, not the shortened version of GAME, to me) on your track will aid that.

‘Angel Fall’ is a trackless that was originally released last year, and at the time did really well, lighting up
the dance floors and radio stations. But now, this remix by Crazy Cousinz has given it a whole new vibe,
and is unleashing it on a whole new audience. The track has a steady drum line behind it, and a really soft
instrumental over the top of it. Amy’s voice is so soft and mellow, and really goes nicely against the sped
up, yet still gritty lyrics of The Game at the beginning of the song. Game’s voice doesn’t sound quite right
sped up much, but Amy’s voice is simply beautiful. Still, the upbeat tempo means this is really gonna be a
track that’s pumping out on the beaches this summer. The original was much slower, and a bit too droopy
for me. I much prefer the remix, that amplifies everything I loved from the original.

The lyrics talk about meeting Mr Right, and wanting to make sure he doesn’t lift her up, and drop her.
Sounds like she’s had a rough relationship in the past, and wants to make sure that love this time is real and
for good. There’s something ironic about hooking up with The Game, a notorious Blood gang-banger for
this track. Still, after watching VH1’s Behind The Music on The Game a few weeks back, I’m now convinced
he’s a changed man and a loving husband and father above all else.

Amy’s got a great remix on her hands here, and I hope the track has some great success. We’ll definitely be
playing this in the Music Eyz Virtual Office all summer I’m sure!

Check out the track below.

If you want to compare it to the original, you can check that out here –

Anyway, let us know your views on the track below, or by tweeting @MusicEyz or @phatslates. Keep it
locked on Music Eyez, the number one for views, news and reviews on the hottest music you have and
haven’t heard yet.



Review by Dan Slater


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