T In The Park 2012 Friday (Review)

Review of T In The Park 2012 – Friday

T In the Park is definitely Scotland’s biggest music festival.  Heavy rain was predicted across the entire weekend for the festival with wellies and rain coats of the obvious things to pack.  Leeds’ MFest fell victim of the terrible weather and Wakestock (in Wales) suffered some of the heaviest rain the UK has seen.

The predicted horrible weather at T did make a few decide not to honour the tradition of Fancy Dress Friday, however there were a few that didn’t opt for coats and umbrellas, with Scooby Doo, A Hotdog, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman making an appearance.  Those brave souls must have been scared of their decision when the skies looked threatening and the winds picked up, but thankfully no rain.

I think we can add weathermen to the never work with animal or children line.

So on to the night.

Friday wasn’t short of big names from start to finish the crowd we in for a great night.

Surprisingly Cher Lloyd player her set on Friday. Now the team here at Music Eyz can’t really be counted among her biggest fans.  But surprisingly she did manage to draw quite a crowd.  She sang her hits including ‘Swagger Jagger’ and ‘With Ur Love’ to quite a good reaction from the crowd.  Despite her strong exterior and self confessed swag, she didn’t really seem at home.

Cher Lloyd performs at T in the Park

Cher Lloyd performs at T in the Park

The former X Factor finalist was always ill at ease and at times appearing to stumble over her own lyrics.  Sadly a festival appearance was a little too early for Cher Lloyd who looked like a lost little girl up there, despite what her bravado indicated. Afraid I don’t think Cher Lloyd is getting the best advice from her people.  She needs her mentor Simon Cowell, Cheryl or Will.I.Am whomever it is now to help her out.  She may have got better before the end, but we left early to stop us feeling awkward and also to sprint over to see the Kaiser Chiefs.

Now the Kaisers have been around since probably before Cher Lloyd was even born.  They seem to be on of those bands that produce some great hits, when they are at their anthemic best, however they also produce some pretty run of the mill stuff as well.

The Kaisers are made for festivals.  Tunes that get the crowd singing along, beats to bounce along to and a front man in Ricky Wilson, who is a born performer.  The Kaiser Chiefs delivered as you would expect with the crowd absolutely loving hits like ‘Everyday I love you Less and Less’.  Sadly there was a less raptuos response to new track ‘Listen To Your Head’ which went largely unnoticed by the swelling crowd.  In fact we almost missed it too, it was only when somebody asked if it was their new one.

Overall it was a good performance by the Kaiser Chiefs, although a little inconsistent.  Does the release of their ‘Greatest Hits’ mean the Riot Predictors are coming to the end of their shelf life?

Another perhaps surprising inclusion on the bill, was Olly Murs.  Unlike Cher Lloyd, Olly absolutely owned the stage.  He played up to the crowd delivering some quality soulful singing and also fun micky takes on himself.  Of course Olly played his own, now classic, pop hits, but he also interlaced a few covers for the massive family crowd assembled.

Olly definitely had the family contingent bouncing with kids on parents shoulder singing along to the likes of ‘Heart Skips a Beat’. However, he also did a great cover of ‘I Need a Dollar’ by Aloe Blacc which got the crowd singing at full pelt.

After revealing Madness as his favourite festival band, Olly Murs then did a rendition of a few classics.  He managed to again mix almost faultless soulful singing with the occasional Essex twang.  The highlight of the entire set for me was ‘Must Be Love’ but that is a Madness classic.  He also did a great version of ‘One Step Beyond’.

Now Example took the whole thing to a new level.  This boy knows how to perform, he gives it everything.  So much so that if you were watching this on TV you could be forgiven for thinking it was raining, he was drenched with sweat.

Example is arguably the King of Festivals at the moment.  The T In The Park crowd demonstrated they think so too.  Dishing out big beat, feel-good pop, his punchy synth lines and hedonistic sing songs mix the right amount of club with chart pop, to please much of the crowd here in Balado to party hard this weekend.

Example has some how managed to make a unique style of pop/dance that is credible and lends itself to the live music scene.  Demonstrated by the scenes of the crowd singing to the likes of ‘Change The Way You Kissed Me’ and the crowd went ballistic for the aptly titled ‘Where Did The Sun Go’.  Example dominated the entire set and showed why he is the star of the moment.

Florence and The Machine gave a good show of herself during her set, showing off hits such as ‘What the Water Gave Me’ but changing Water for Buckfast to engender support from the Scottish crowd.  The crowd enjoyed ‘Dog Days Are Over’ but seemed most mesmerised by her new song ‘No Lights, No Lights’ which fell in to a laidback lull before spinning their heads with awesome drums.

New Order also performed and gave a good account of themselves.  The 80s synths kept their crowd enthralled as they performed hits such as ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘True Faith’  New Order definitely provided a party finish to T in The Park.

Snow Patrol wows crowd at T in the Park

Snow Patrol wows crowd at T in the Park

However, headliners Snow Patrol were closing it all up back on the main stage.  The boys’ performance was rather blase in its approach but still the potential highlight of Friday night. They moved from track to track at a relentless pace.  The crowd look exhausted after they left and not due to the late night, more to do with the epic movement in the place.  This performance epitomised why people go to festivals.

Lisa Hannigan joined the Irish Rockers to sing ‘Set The Fire To the Third Bar’ and she was amazing, complementing the delivery and making sure it was an Irish victory.  This got the crowd going to fever pitch from their slight lapse at the beginning of the Snow Patrol set.

The bands biggest hit ‘Run’ got the crowd to electric levels and set goosebumps running up the full length of my arms.  This alone was worth the admission fee for the huge crowd.  I even caught one or two of the contingent with tears in their eyes.

So I write this on Saturday as the rain has kicked in.  Saturday’s review will be written on Sunday.  Confusing I know, but rest assured T In The Park has delivered once again.


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