I’m Coming (Tarzan Pt 2) by Dappy (Review)

Review of I’m Coming (Tarzan Pt 2) by Dappy

So Dappy‘s last track had many people saying the NW London boy had come of age.  Covering deep and difficult issues in his last tune, leaving the Pop days of N’Dubz behind.  Well this one, um?!

So musically the track has a familiar feel about it.  Futuristic in its construct, a kind of current sound that plays on the dance/rap hybrid that is current on the UK scene.  The opening of this track feels quite good and Dappy adds a real Rap/Grime feel to the opening, defying his past.

Review of Dappy I'm Coming

Review of Dappy I’m Coming

However as the track opens up it just goes a little downhill.  Don’t get me wrong it is head and shoulder above the N’Dubz days, but if just goes a bit to along the pop side to make his attempt at grime credible.  Apparently this is a freestyle to keep us warm before the release of his debut solo album ‘Bad Intentions’ which boasts hit singles ‘No Regrets’ and ‘Rockstar’.

The content is, in my opinion, written to cause controversy and grab attention, the video backs that up as well.  So this “freestyle” throws insults at Simon Cowell, Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry among others.  I assume Dappy isn’t banking on an X Factor appearance.  Maybe the Contostavlos family are seeing just how far they can push Simon Cowell.  Remember Tulisa first “movie” appearance?

If the track was phenomenal, then we could probably dismiss the lyrical content as a bit of a diss.  Sadly given Dappy‘s background, he isn’t really sitting on a firm foundation.  Lyrics such as “I heard Simon Cowell thinks I’m a little w**ker/ And that I’m getting on his t*ts like cancer/ I don’t want to start mentioning names (f**k it)/ Where they all now?They’re bankrupt.”.

Joe McElderry, oh what a stand up/ Alexandra, pull your socks up/ Where your hits at, you ain’t no winner/ I feel bad cos your voice is amazing/ But your career is getting raped by a mason.”

Harsg enough to be having a go at Simon Cowell in the way he has, but why pick on the likes of Joe McElderry and Alexandra Burke? Seems completely random!

Personally, this effort isn’t really that strong.  Then looking at the lyrical content and the pointless attacks, just makes me feel even less favourable to Dappy.  Boy take a look at yourself, you are hardly Kanye West, as I think you rightly point out.  You aint even Vanilla Ice.  Concentrate on your own game before attacking others.

Have a listen and watch the video and let us know what you think.

PS – Dappy for the record, your line about “dare ya to let ya chick party with me”. You are right, I wouldn’t let her party with you. She is a NW London girl and she would snap your srawny little body in half.


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