I Wanna Rock by Maxsta (Review)

Review of I Wanna Rock by Maxsta

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we bought you the teaser from Maxsta, the first release from the label of SBTV founder Jamal Edwards.  We said some pretty good things about the teaser, but admitted it was hard to tell you the facts as there simply wasn’t long enough.

Review of Maxsta I Wanna Rock

Review of Maxsta I Wanna Rock

Well Maxsta’s PR peeps have come through and sent us the full track.  Before we kick off the review, we are hoping the Run DMC ‘I Wanna Rock’ hook stays prominent.  The production on the teaser was good and this should follow through.  Here we go.

The track kicks off with the solid and timeless Run DMC looping over and over, you can never tire of that.  Add to the solid hook some undeniably hard UK Hip Hop/Grime sound and you have the intro.  Maxsta then breaks in and delivers some tight lines.  His London accent seems to lift from the backing creating a great transatlantic sound.

Maxsta references quite a lot in the track everything from moving from East Ham to references to Klu Klux Klan.  Just before the three minute mark a new break comes in and then the party anthem kicks in.  This track is going to make Maxsta known to the masses and deserves to succeed.

Maybe I am getting a tad sentimental because of the heavy Run DMC influence, but Maxsta defies his relatively young years and brings Hip Hop back to the days of heavy beats and tight rhymes.  If Maxsta can keep this going the likes of Tinie Tempah will have to look over the shoulder and watch his run.  Great track, brilliantly produced and definitely representing British Hip Hop.


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