Exclusive Interview with Alex Kelly

Music Eyz Exclusive Interview with Alex Kelly

Some of you will have hopefully read our recent review of Orange Circle by NY based singer Alex Kelly.  Her track made us really sit up and take notice.  Its great when new music does that to you.

Alex Kelly exclusive interview with Music Eyz

Alex Kelly exclusive interview with Music Eyz

Well Alex Kelly agreed to take time out from her manic schedule in the US, to give us an exclusive interview.  We talk about idols, how to make it in music and sacrifices.  She isn’t a fan of the muppets though.

Who are the biggest influences on your music?

Prince, No Doubt and The Doors

Who were your musical idols?

For me it’s always been Michael Jackson. The day I heard of his death on the news, I opened the huge bay windows of my apartment and screamed.  I totally freaked out! I took my Schwinn cruiser for a long ride that day. I had my ghetto-blaster in the front basket, and for hours rode around  town with MJ at full volume. People on the streets pulled me over so they could dance to the music and cry too. I finally got home at midnight, makeup completely smeared, hair blown all over my head…but I didn’t care. I loved Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson musical idol for Alex Kelly

Michael Jackson musical idol for Alex Kelly

So how supportive have your family and friends been in the pursuit of making it in music?

They’re all very supportive of me. My mother was very big on allowing her children self-expression. I get a ton inspiration from my grandpa, he’s very wise. He came to NY at a time when racism was very heavy. Despite adversity, he managed to own several small businesses, buy a home for his wife, and raise 5 little girls. He is in his 90’s now and still as sharp as ever. I really admire his strength. His story makes me feel like I can do anything.

What sacrifices have you had to make to pursue your dreams?

I’m working all the time, so it’s really hard to have personal relationships outside of my career. That definitely is one of the drawbacks of being so busy, but I really enjoy my work so I don’t mind as much.

If you could collaborate with any music artists living or dead who would it be and why?

Off the top of my head, I’d say Jimi Hendrix, but I don’t know how much actual work would get done. Haha!  Also Kelis, she’s smoking hot.

Jimi Hendrix dream collaboration for Alex Kelly

Jimi Hendrix dream collaboration for Alex Kelly

So you have several model type shots on your website, is this something you do for a living as well?

No, but I enjoy working with visual artists. I choose my shoots based on how I feel about the artists’ work. Most of the shots on my website are by Don Zinteck. He and I have developed a particular kind of language over a period of time, so we can pretty much do whatever we want.

We have had quite a good reaction to the review we did of your single, do you have any plans to come to the UK?

Planning….scheming, ‘potato, patato” ya know?

If you couldn’t be in music, what job would you be doing?

Hmm, I would write childrens’ books.

What are your plans for the second half of 2012?

Touring for sure. We really want to bring OC to people that have never heard us before.

Now for some fun

You throw a dinner party and you can invite any five famous guests living or dead.  Who would they be and why?

This is an easy one:

1. Michael Jackson 2. Pythagoras 3. Freddie Mercury 4. David Bowie 5. Nikola Tesla

What famous names are in your cellphone?

I’ll never tell…

Choose three words that describe you.

Yummy Sugar Spice

Who is your favourite muppet?

What’s a muppet?

Not a fan of the Muppets?

Not a fan of the Muppets?

What is the worse job you have ever had?

Waitress. Every restaurant has its own little drama behind the scenes. If it hasn’t already been done, someone should do a reality show about it. It’s pretty hilarious.

Wrap Up

What is the best professional advice you have received that has helped you with your music?

I’ve been working with the guys at GCR audio in Buffalo NY for a little over 5 years now. We are all a big family over there. During a mixing session for Sticky Butterfly, the engineer JRose, told me that I should learn how to make my own “beats”so that I would use less studio time. I don’t think at the time he thought I’d taken him seriously, but I did. Done and done.

What advice would you give to youngsters trying to break in to the industry?

The music business is a business first. Know your business inside and out.

Is there a message that you would like to give to Music Eyz readers and the UK public?

Yes! All you need is love

OK, thanks for taking the time to talk to us Alex.  Good luck with Orange Circle and we hope to have the opportunity to see you perform live in the UK.  That is unless you want to pay for us to see you perform stateside… OK we will end it there.


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