Alexandra Burke New Single Snubbed By Radio

Alexandra Burke Disappointed by Radio Snubbing of New Single

Alexandra Burke, the winner of X Factor in 2008 has expressed disappointment that her latest single has been snubbed by the major radio stations.  Burke was tipped for huge success following her X Factor win but really failed to break from Leona Lewis‘ shadow.

I personally think Alexandra Burke may not have quite the voice of Leona Lewis (not many do) but she had something extra about her.  A bit of spark and character that meant she didn’t have to be stuck doing ballads and could do track slightly more edgy and urban.  Sadly I don’t think Simon Cowell‘s label pushed her far enough in that direction.

Alexandra Burke disapointed by lack of radio play

Alexandra Burke disappointed by lack of radio play and snub by Radio 1

Since leaving Cowell‘s label things haven’t been so easy, despite her debut album ‘Overcome’ selling over 1.5 million copies.  Her previous release ‘Elephant’ was ill-advised.  A strange concept that did get airplay but seems to have cost her quite a lot.  With both BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio Group (Capital FM and Heart FM) refusing to add her to their playlist.

Failing to make the playlist of those majors has cost Burke dear, with this latest single ‘Let It Go’ reaching only 23 in the midweek charts.

The 23-year-old, who releases new album, ‘Heartbreak On Hold,’ on Monday, told the Daily Mirror that she’s frustrated by radio’s lack of response to the song:

“Obviously it’s disappointing. But what can I do? The main thing for me is I’m proud of my music and the fans all love what I’m doing.

“They have all been great. I’m no longer with Simon Cowell’s label – perhaps this says it all.”

We hope fans get behind the new Alexandra Burke album.  She is full of character and is a great talent.  It would also be two fingers up at the radio stations and Cowell to show she has got it.


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