Review of BEG by Bombay Bicycle Club

Review of BEG by Bombay Bicycle Club

So Bombay Bicycle Club are releasing their final single from their album ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ however it didn’t even make it on the original CD version of the album but was added as a bonus track for those that downloaded the album. Mistake, big mistake.  ‘Beg’ is definitely up there with the best tracks on the album and is certainly worthy of being released as a track in its own right.

Review of Bombay Bicycle Club release Beg

Review of Bombay Bicycle Club new release Beg

So what can you expect. Well ‘Beg’ is unashamedly Bombay Bicycle Club but perhaps with a major twist on their normal style.  It mixes a real industrial style sound to the unique lyrical delivery from the Jack Steadman.  It was also added to the live set, including the sold out gig at the iconic Alexandra Palace venue in London.  The feedback was so positive the boys decided that they had to release it.

‘Beg’ is around four minutes long.  The industrial sound is build with a wonky bassline which shouldn’t work, but it does.  They have also managed to add funky guitar with some unusual beats, including some Caribbean steel drums and electric drum beats.

With three albums under their belt already, there will be those out there that fear Bombay Bicycle Club could become stale.  However the boys seem to have a unique ability to reinvent themselves with every twist and turn of their career.  This ability is something that very few bands can copy and have failed to replicate.  Something that will see BBC stay around for as long as they want.

So ‘Beg’ in my opinion is a great track.  Definitely a diversion from their usual style but perhaps a glimpse in to what we can expect from a fourth album.  The track will be released on 9 July.


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