Review of Factory Boys by I Am A Camera

Review of Factory Boys by I Am A Camera

The new track from I Am A Camera called ‘Factory Boys’ is released on 10 June.  OK, so do you know them?  Maybe not, but rest assured they are good.  Recently the duo made up of Macunian Francesca and Northern-Irish Londoner Ian have creativity running throughout their entire bloodstream.

Review of Factory Boys by I Am A Camera

Review of Factory Boys by I Am A Camera

They recently did a cover and remix of Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Born to Die’ which was met with widespread props that helped give the duo some much needed attention.  But what of this tune?

Well first off, there is some meaning to the tune ‘Factory Boys’ it’s based on the true story of The Dupont Twins – two charming teenage boys who dazzled their way from their home in Connecticut all the way to the heart of the legendary New York club Studio 54 and into the lives of Andy Warhol and Halston. “They went from being two smart country boys to being feted by the likes of Warhol who gave them screen prints for hanging out with him” explains Francesca. “We love the story. It proves how reality can be just as amazing as any fantasy you could make up” says Ian.

It seems that the guys take this kind of creative inspiration and put it in to everything they do.  Even the bands name I Am A Camera is inspired by a quote from Christopher Isherwood from way back in 1939.  Anyway rather than risk going off down another avenue.

‘Factory Boys’ definitely has a retro feel to it.  A synth driven tune, very reminiscent of the 80s scene delivers the story of the boys really well.  Francesca has a great tone to her voice, not a ballad warbler and not an ‘of the moment’ Hip Hop/RnB/Pop singer, she has a low pitch to her voice but still with some good range.  The song also genuinely tells the tale of the boys and their journey.

Perhaps most remarkable is the fact that the duo filmed the video themselves.  Whilst Spielberg can probably rest at the moment, it does underpin their creativity and their desire to stay in charge of their direction.  Also the fact that they used their iPhones to make the video shows that their is hope for us all.

All in all, a good tune.  Let us know what you think.


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