Review of Creeping by 2:54

Review of Creeping by 2:54

2:54 are two-piece noise makers Colette and Hannah Thurlow, along with Alex Robins and Joel Porter who complete the live lineup, and have been writing music and gigging in and around London for the past two years or so. Previous releases from this duo have included the singles “Scarlet” and “You’re Early” which have gained the band a respected name and has helped them bag a support slot with The XX on their one-off show in May as well as their biggest headline show to date at London’s prestigious music venue the Scala on June 7th. These dates coincide with the upcoming release of their debut album “2:54” in May and up for review is lead single   “Creeping”

Review of 2:54 Creeping

Review of 2:54 Single Creeping

“Creeping” is darkness personified, fuzzed out lo-fi guitars introduce a song that could easily have surfaced on the soundtrack to any one of Tarantino’s films of the nineties, just imagine Uma Thurman tripping out to this track on Pulp Fiction and you’ll get the kind of atmosphere and emotion this track creates.

The main drive of this track is provided by the vocals and lead guitars with the bass and drums very much there to provide support and backing without taking the focus away. The guitars are very laid back combining warped hanging bar chords intertwined with delicate picked notes over the verses and more driven strumming over the chorus which help thicken the sound and add to the sense of impending psychadelic doom. It’s a sound similar to that which was pioneered by bands such as Dianosaur JR,Urge Overkill and Sonic Youth in the nineties but combined with some of the more poppier Britpop bands such as Sleeper and Sneaker Pimps.

Where this track really stands up and makes itself counted is in the vocal performance, the vocals are smooth and soulful and positively haunting they just seem to take you away from the colour of the world and spiral you off into an altogether more darker place you may never have known existed. “Creeping” manages to make you feel immensely laid back and yet at the same time invoke a sense of grand epicness, the verses literally creep along at a cool chilled out pace before building up to an awe-inspiring crescendo of noise and is truly one of the most evocative and emotional tracks i’ve heard in a long time.

If the rest of the album is as inspiring as “Creeping” then 2:54 may very well be your new favourite band without you even realising it.

Review by Will Campbell


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