Interview with Daglin of the Wailers

Interview with Danglin of the Wailers

As summer allegedly approaches, there is nothing better than listening to a spot of reggae, especially some Bob Marley and The Wailers.  Well The Wailers are coming to the UK and we sent Holly Mac to speak to Wailer Danglin.

Interview with Danglin of The Wailers

Interview with Danglin of The Wailers

Your starting out the UK leg of your tour with Primal Scream and Beady Eye, was that a collaboration the band chose?

It was put together by management but we’re always happy to meet new performers. It’s all music to us, the chance to perform with these bands is great, we look at it as a learning experience.

So how do you feel about performing in the Uk, it’s been a couple of years hasn’t it?

Yeah, I was hoping to come over last year but we couldn’t fit it in. So we’re all really happy to come back and perform. We’re starting our tour out in the US and through Europe.

Is there any particular place your looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to them all, we’ve been to most of the venues before so it’s always great going back. The UK crowd are always great.

So T in the park is really big over here, are you as excited for it as the fans?

Yeah festivals are always good, I’m hoping that the suns out. But in the UK it’s the best feeling to see the fans not worrying about the weather. It’s great seeing the fans enjoying and dancing regardless of the rain! But still, NO rain please!

As a band you do a lot to support the World Food Program, although it seems like its the influence of Aston how do the rest of the band feel about it?

We embrace it, the opportunity to spread a message through our music is amazing. It’s a combined effort from us all, we look at as a journey were taking to help people. We work with Jen Millar closely on this. What we do in our humanitarian efforts is little compared to the people dedicated to this cause, so we do as much as we can to promote it, like helping with the song. The world food program is feeding 90m people in 60 of the poorest countries.

That’s definitely a brilliant cause to work with, and I hope that people will help and make donations from reading this interview!

So the other well known people in the band are Koolant and Aston ( family man) what are they like to work with?

I’ve been with the band 2 years now, and they’re both great. Aston’s the captain he keeps us all focused and grounded, makes sure as a band we’re still learning and improving. Me and Koolant have a similar background we both grew up on the music of Bob Marley and The Wailers. It’s an honour to work within such a legacy, the music is timeless. We are all so proud to be a part of the legend created by Bob Marley and the Wailers it creates a great atmosphere.

I asked this last question not to try a trip anyone up or create any sort of beef, it was genuine curiosity. I wondered how the Band felt about The Original Wailers lead by Al Anderson.

There’s no bad feeling between us on my part, Al Anderson is a legend in my mind. I have nothing but respect for Family man, it’s an honour and a privilege to perform the same songs that were performed by Aston, Al and Bob. They’re all legendary. Our music is about love and happiness, and thats it, it’s all love!

So true to form The Wailers practice what they preach, from their humanitarian work to their rivals it’s all love, all the time. This just makes me love them more, and I can’t wait to see them live and be a part of the long standing legacy that The Wailers are.

Interview by Holly Mac


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