Review of Misha B Mixtape ‘Why Hello World’

Review of Misha B Mixtape ‘Why Hello World’

First off, it seemed the X Factor was in danger of getting some credibility when a real artist with an edge was picked to go through to the finals.  Sadly the judges ruined her style on the show and turned her in to ‘another contestant’.  It didn’t help with the bullying slurs that were aired on the show.

Review of Misha B mixtape Why Hello World

Review of Misha B mixtape Why Hello World

Enough of the rant that is all history now.  What will Misha B give us as an artist in her own right?  Well if this mix tape is anything to go by, we can genuinely state that the UK will have a credible RnB/Hip Hop act.  Misha B uses her amazing singing ability to make every track on this mixtape jump in to your ear drums with amazing prowess.  This is matched by her genuine ability to deliver a rhyme in a style that any female MC would love.

The mixtape contains some original material, giving us a glimpse in to what to expect and some great covers.  Really love the TLC cover.  Misha B also adds a urban edge to Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’, giving a great treatment to the classic, including a very good rap intrusion to the track.  Also the mixtape earns the plaudits in my opinion by dropping Notorious BIG in to the stream.

‘Last Forever’ shows a kind of dance tune with a carribbean feel to it.  Followed by ‘Home Run’ which starts with some quaint piano playing, almost making you feel that you are in a hotel lounge, then boom, in to the real deal. Another good tune.

In short, we love this mix tape and we are genuinely excited about the prospect of Misha B destroying the UK charts with some radio friendly RnB and Hip Hop.  Who knows, maybe we can finally send somebody over to the US from an urban feel.

Have a listen yourself and let us know what you think Misha B Why Hello World mixtape


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