Review of Hollow by Volente

Review of Volente’s New Track Hollow

We are getting a lot of tracks from new up and coming artists at the moment.  If we are honest, some a lot better than others.  It would be fair to say that Volente falls in to the category of an act that I have never heard of before.

However, we love new music here and the fact we don’t know somebody has never stopped us from giving it a chance.  Thank god for that!

Review of Hollow by Volente

Review of Hollow by Volente

On first listen to Volente, I can safely say it is different.  Not different in the quintessential polite English way but genuinely unique.  The intro contains a lovely piece of music, almost mystical and really makes you want to listen.  Then a strange piece of composition introduces the amazing vocals of Volente.  Where has this girl been hiding?  Incredible.

Volente has one of those simple, raw voices that you just have to listen to.  Sometimes I found myself just drifting off almost hypnotised by the combination of the really well produced unusual music and mesmorising vocals.

This track should do well.  Hopefully it can break through the mass produced commercial music we see day in day out.  Volente deserves to do well. One to watch.

Hollow is released tomorrow (30 April, 2012) go and get it!


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