Review of Jackie Scott – Pink Hot Blush

Review of Pink Hot Blush – EP from Jackie Scott

Jackie Scott, NYC electro-pop performer.  Electro-pop is sometimes prone to send shivers down the spine of the Music Eyz editors.  However Jackie Scott does have something about her.

Pink Hot Blush is unashamedly a pop dominated EP with pretty hard beats.  First off though, the EP does contain a few too many pop clichés.  The one thing that really annoys us is the overuse of the voice box.  Jackie actually doesn’t have a bad voice, that should be shown off a bit more and move further along the pop line.

Review Jackie Scott Pink Hot Blush

Review Jackie Scott EP Pink Hot Blush

She does feel like she has strong influence from either Britney Spears or Madonna in terms of how she delivers her vocals and the content of her tracks.  However when she delivers rhymes, there is also a hint of Cher Lloyd about her, none of those comparisons are an insult.

The EP is a little sexually charged for my liking.  It feels a little forced and almost like it is done for attention.  That reaches its peak on the track ‘Meet Me in the Corner.

However the opening track on the EP ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Train Wreck’ are good songs.  The former being on a more pop slant and the latter being much more in tune with her Electro tastes.

Jackie Scott definitely has talent that is demonstrated in parts on ‘Pink Hot Blush’.  If Jackie is going to make it big she will need to gain a lot more experience and in reality work with some more polished producers that know how to make hits.  Her vocal ability is actually good and she can deliver a pop tune.  The music production is a little wayward and the lyrical content is on the clichéd side.

Jackie Scott, a good effort.  Please get with some good producers, because we think you could do well.  Just not with this EP.


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