Review of RIP by Rita Ora Remixed by Seamus Haji

Review of Rita Ora – RIP (Seamus Haji Remix)

We get asked to review a huge number of remixes of tunes out there.  We generally listen and feel the club/dubstep/dance remixes destroy the original.  However because Rita Ora created such a monster tune in RIP we thought we should give this one a chance.

Review Rita Ora RIP Remix

Review Rita Ora RIP Seamus Haji Remix

You know what, glad we did.  Whilst the remix lasts for a good seven minutes, you never feel the original is compromised.  With the possible exception of around six minutes in when the noise hits its peak and turns in to club filler.

In the main though, it feels like Seamus Haji has managed to turn this Rita Ora hit in to a club anthem.  Yes the dance backdrop is busy and loud.  The pace is much greater than the original, but it works. No idea why, it probably shouldn’t but it does.

Seamus Haji has manged to maintain the hypnotic sound to Rita’s voice and kept the essence of the original.  He has even managed to make Tinie Tempah’s guest rap stand out.  Is it as good as the original? Probably not. But it is a remix that works on the dancefloor or on the radio. Let us know what you think.

Rita Ora, RIP Remix


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