Review of JLS 4th Dimension Tour

Review of JLS 4th Dimension Tour at the O2 Arena

The journey to London’s O2 Arena from my home just north of Bedford took longer than I thought it would.  Maybe it was the excitement or the nerves before seeing my favourite band JLS perform live.  I was sure it was going to be worth it though.

I am really pleased to be able to write this review for Music Eyz.

Overall it was a great night. JLS owned the arena and made all of us JLSters feel special.  When I arrived I checked to see who was performing, I was surprised to hear that JLS had three support acts.  I had met NVS and Vida at last year’s Soccer Six event but Starboy Nathan was new to me.

Of all the support acts, Starboy Nathan was my favourite, he was actually really good.  Put in a great performance with some great songs.  I really liked his song ‘Who Am I?’ I have to admit, I was a bit dissapointed with Vida.  The only song of their’s that stuck in my head was ‘Boombox’.  They just seemed to repeat the words Boombox a lot.  NVS were better and probably worth hearing again. To be honest, I had my mind on JLS so it would have been difficult.  I do remember parts of them though and what I remember I like.

Back to JLS. They really got the crowd going, but not so much that it became annoying.  Oritse and Marvin made their love of London and the crowd known.  The show was good with a wide variety on stage.  They did a few costume changes which made the night great, especially the Star Wars costumes.  Seeing the boys up in the air was good too.


JB on stage during the JLS 4th Dimension Tour at O2 Arena, London

The music, as you would expect, from JLS was brilliant.  They did a wide variety including their old songs  ‘One Shot’, ‘Beat Again’, ‘Thats My Girl’ and ‘Everybody In Love’ among others.  They also did a few good covers including Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’ and Ushers song ‘The DJs Got us Fallin in Love’.  The best cover was Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’ the effects on their voice made the song sound even better.

Aston performing at JLS 4D Tour

Aston performing at JLS 4th Dimension Tour London, O2Arena

The highlights of the night in terms of the music were probably ‘One Shot’, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and ‘Do You Feel What I Feel’ although all the songs were brilliant.

The real highlight for me though was when Oritse held my hand.  I wondered if he remembered me from when we met at Soccer Six.

JLS 4d finale at O2 Arena

Its the end. JLS 4th Dimension Tour at London's O2 Arena

Overall, a brilliant night.  At the end I was really tired and lost my voice.  Mainly down to the singing shouting and screaming I did.  JLS you were amazing!

Review by Jade Clark


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