Who Are Ya? – Exclusive Interview with Summer Azul

Exclusive Interview with Summer Azul

So Summer, kicking off with a bit of background for those readers that may not be familiar with you

Who is Summer?

I am a multicultural, international Rapper/Singer and Actress. I am Indian and French Creole and I bring a lot of my culture and my lifestyle to my music. If I had to explain myself, I would say I am a true all around entertainer. I love to entertain and I do so through music, acting, dancing and martial arts. I have several alter egos who all have their own style and personalities but they all come together to be “Summer Azul”.. the entertainer.

Exclusive Interview with Summer Azul

Music Eyz Exclusive Interview with Summer Azul

Full Name: Summer Marie Azul

Age: Well, that depends on who I am at the moment lol.. All of my alter egos (Personalities) are different ages. As Summer Azul, I am 24 but as Toma (The sexy little school girl on my youtube videos) I am 16 and when I am Cat (The Beautiful Assassin) I am 35…. (The list goes on lol)

Place of birth: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Single/Married/Engaged: SO SINGLE! lol

Family (brothers/sisters/mum and dad etc) I am the middle child of 5 children. so yeah, I am the messed up one lol

Where do you currently live: I live in Atlanta, Georgia. (USA)

Pets: No pets….

Favorite celeb: I admire a lot of entertainers, but one of my favorites is Beyonce. She is beautiful, talented and successful. Plus, I love the fact that she is a great mom on top of it all.

We reviewed your material recently and gave a very positive reaction. How would you describe your music and who is the closest chart act to your style at the moment?

First off, Thanks for the review. I have many styles and songs in different genres such as HipHop, House, Dubstep, Reggae DanceHall etc. My music can switch from being Gangsta to being a love song, then go from being a straight dance track all the back to something edgy and sexy, sort of like Rihanna but with rap.

Can you tell us what you have out there at the moment and where our readers can grab a listen?

My music is available on reverbnation.com/summerazul My videos are on youtube.com/216able and you can download my latest mixtape at this link: http://tweetmysong.com/p9c20qu It’s part 4 of my “Hot Like Summer” mixtape series. (You can also google other volumes and songs)

Summer Azul is both a stunning name and unique, where does it originate from?

Thank you. I am Indian and French Creole, a mixture of races (Indian, African, French, Spanish, Asian, Irish and Brazilian) Azul has many meanings in several languages and cultures but is most known for the Spanish word “Blue”.  Summer Azul is “A Summer’s sky” The Sun, the moon, the stars and the endless beauty that the sky embodies.

Given such an unusual background, probably unheard of by a number of UK readers, can you explain what your background is like, what was childhood for Summer?

Being Creole or of mixed races can be a curse or a blessing depending on your surroundings and the way people accept you. I mostly lived in a black neighborhoods, but also in White, Italian and Spanish areas. No matter where I went I was still DIFFERENT from everyone else, but thankfully I have always been able to adapt to my environments well. (Plus my family are really good fighters lol)  I lived in various areas growing up and learned a lot about my different cultures.(Some good and some bad lol)

Creole Music Star Summer Azul

Creole Music Star Summer Azul

It seems you have quite a following over the various social networks, the words ‘Azul Army’ have been bandied about. Why do you think you have such a loyal following and how do you think others can emulate this?

I work extremely hard at what I do and my fans know this. I feed of the energy they give me and I never want to disappoint them so I make sure everything I do is the best.. for them. They appreciate that. “Azul Army” is all about being a soldier and fighting for what you want. My fans struggle in life just like me and I want to give them something to help them through their battles the same way artist like Tupac and Eminem have done for me.. with music. I call my fans Azul Army because they are solders and they stand on the front line for me! Its because of them that my music is being spread all over the world. Artist who really connect with their audience are the ones who have a loyal following. I love my fans and I tell them all the time. AZUL ARMY IS THE BEST!!!

Your music is getting listened to all over the world, what does this mean to you?

It means everything to me to know that people from different parts of the world are listening to my music. I put my all into my songs and I care about the way it will sound for them. I try to connect with everyone, even in other languages and cultures. When I get messages from fans in different parts of the world telling me they love my music, it lets me know that they are connecting with me and I love it!

If you could collaborate with any artist at the moment, who would it be and why?

I definitely want to work with Eminem because he is one of the people who motivates me, and I love his style. He is one of the best. I would also love to work with Kanye West, Rihanna, Adele and Drake.. (The list can go on lol)

If you could have written and performed any track from history what would it be and why?

Thriller by Micheal Jackson because it is still one of mt favorite songs to sing and when it comes on in any part of the world, people will start to sing and dance. I love to move people in such a major way!

We seem to have introduced a whole new set of UK music fans to Summer Azul. What can they expect from you in the future?

Yes, my UK fans are definitely growing…fast! I am planning a trip there this summer to drop my next cd which is an international collaboration I am working on with producers/artist from the UK, Brazil, France, Germany and Poland.

Given this popularity in the UK, what do you think of the UK music scene and who are your favorite artists at present?

I love the music scene in the UK, I like the authenticity of the style and that’s why my style blends so well there. I really love the uprising of Dubstep and the appreciation of HipHop in the UK. I like many genres and right now I am really loving Jessie J.

The obvious next question from us is, will the UK get to see you perform on these shores any time soon?

Yes!!! I will be performing there this summer while I am working on my new project. So look out for me all over London promoting my CDs!!! lol MIXTAPE QUEEN

Is there an album in creation and if so when can we expect to hear it?

Yes, I have an album dropping this year with a mixture of genres including HipHop, Dupstep, Reggae Dancehall, House music, and Dance tracks.

 And for a bit of fun:

You throw a dinner party and you are allowed to invite 5 famous people, living or dead. Who would you pick and why?

Marilyn Monroe and Anne Nicole Smith… because i just wonder WHAT they would talk about! lol Tupac and Biggie… because I would love to know they are at peace with each other and Michael Jackson because I think he is the worlds all time BEST entertainer!

What famous names are stored in your mobile?

hmmmm.. can’t give you that info lol

Choose three words that you think describe you as a person:

Fun, Nice and Hot!….. SUMMER lol

Music is important to you, but if you couldn’t be in the music game what do you think you would be doing?

I was born to be an entertainer, so when I am not working on music I am acting, working on films and stage plays. I will always work on one or the other, although most times I am doing both!

Do you like football (Soccer)? Do you follow any teams?

Yes I am a sports girl! I like many sports and football is one of them. I usually watch any games I have the time to catch and no I don’t follow a particular team, I just enjoy the games.

And finally

What would you say to any youngsters reading this who may want to break in to music?

If you want to be an artist you have to be willing to work hard and make sacrifices in order to succeed. Be sure this is what you want and it is important to you, and if it really is then put your all into it.

What would you like to say to your fans who will be reading this?

I want to tell all my fans that I truly appreciate your love and support. I Thank you for spreading my music and telling everyone about Summer Azul. You are the best fans and my biggest motivation. AZUL ARMY I love you all. “Salute”


5 thoughts on “Who Are Ya? – Exclusive Interview with Summer Azul

  1. Summer Azul aka/”The MixTape Queen” as some of us prefer to call her.She is quite the lyricist and is Bold,Beautiful and Hot in her amazingly charming style.My first take was, she is the total package artist and she has lived up to that in my opinion. we’re looking at a phenomenal entertainer,GrindMode=Next stop Europe.

  2. thats my fam what it do cuzin love all day.. ALL I GOT TO SAY IS LIL KIM WATCH OUT !!!!!! YOU GO FAM I LOVE U….

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