Review of Rival Sons Gig

Review of Rival Songs Gig

Rival Sons are a blues-infused, hard rock band from LA, California, who explode with rhythm and so much passion that you can not help but fall in love with them. They are signed to Earache Records, who right now, snap up most of the raw talent around.

Review of Rival Sons gig

Review of Rival Sons gig

Branded as “the unlikely saviours of American Rock” (by Classic Rock) lead Vocalist Jay Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Robin Everhart, and drummer Mike Miley were brought together by a love of music, but also, in their own words, they “want to give the people the rock and roll they deserve by keeping it honest, visceral, and dangerous”.

Rival Sons have opened up for artists like AC/DC and Alice Cooper. They definitely are ones of the ones to watch because you mark my words, these will very soon be playing in the mains stages for a few festivals. In February 2011, Rival Sons made their European debut at The Barfly, London as part of the “HMV Next big thing”. The show was a sell out and it was the first taste what we had from them. Needless to say, they left a lasting impression.

Their latest album “Pressure & Time” was recorded in just 20 days ensuring rawness for both the listener and the band. The album charted in the UK reaching number 1 in the Amazon best sellers.

They bring what is essentially missing from most bands, soul and honesty. How on earth are they opening for Black Stone Cherry I will never know. Out of the two, there is a clear winner when it comes to talent. They opened up with “Torture” which was followed by one of their bet loved songs “Burn Down Los Angeles”. It was clear that a large proportion of the audience was there purely to see them (and rightly so). As Jay thanked the audience, you could hear the screams from all their adoring fans. For such a new band, they have such a rapport and confidence that usually takes years and build and make it seem so natural. They have such stage presence and charisma.

They also played “Pressure and Time”, “Soul” and “Gypsy Heart”. By this point they had the entire audience eating out of the palms of their hands. If the audience weren’t there to see them, they will leave knowing what Rival Sons are and check them out when they get home. They then played “Face of Light” and “Get What’s Coming”. Jay has some moves that if it wasn’t for his stupidly good looks, he might resemble your dad dancing at a wedding but somehow it all works. Scott is an amazing guitarist, you can see that. He has talent coming out of his pores. This is what is missing from rock & roll.

As stated before, Rival Sons opened up for Black Stone Cherry. What can I say about Black Stone Cherry’s performance? They have a hardcore fan base, does that make them talented? No. I was bored and spent more time clock watching than paying them attention. They are bland and all their songs sound the same. If it wasn’t for the standard banter with the crowd, Oasis, Nirvana and Adele covers as well as a (surprisingly good) dumb solo, I would have been under the impression that they were playing the same song.

There’s a lot missing from today’s generation of rock & roll bands: Rival Sons bring this and more. They are what bigger bands should aim to be like and sound like.

Review by Kim MM

Interview to follow


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