Top 5 on your iPod – Kellie Acreman

You may remember our new writer Celine Bopp had an interview with international DJ Kellie Acreman recently for Music Eyz. We got a great response and decided to go back and ask her for the Top 5 on her iPod.

DJ Kellie Acreman Top 5 on iPod

International DJ Kellie Acreman tells Music Eyz the Top 5 on her iPod

Kellie obviously obliged and responded with perhaps the most unique Top 5 to date. No Rihanna!!!  Let us know what you think of her Top 5 and also make sure you check out her new mix (we will be reviewing it shortly)

1. Tango Zebra – Soukie & Windish

2. Finally Moving (Original Mix) Pretty Lights

3.Tell Me Why (Brennan Green Version) Art Department

4. Noti Verisi (Original Mix) Dos Santos

5. So Long (Original Mix) Larse

What do you think of Kellie’s choices? Let us know here by leaving a comment or Tweet us

Photo by Ruan van der sande –


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